BI aims to build the knowledge economy. Through 2016, top research and teaching has provided thousands of graduates the opportunities for attractive careers in business and public sector. It is about building brick by brick, and never settling for just "good enough".

Through tough international competition, we constantly strive to go the extra lengths to succeed both at home and abroad. In 2016, BI therefore decided to establish an International Advisory Board (IAB), which will play an important role in the institution's internationalization and globalization strategy. Our promise to our students is to always strive for them to achieve their academic and career goals. It is about changing lives, and it's about doing it together.

BI’s adopted strategy describes six "must wins" - six points BI must meet to achieve our ambition of building the knowledge economy and to take our position among the top 20 business schools in Europe. These six main priorities have formed the framework for BI’s activities in 2016, and for the Board's supervision.

  1. At least four academic disciplines rated among the five best in Europe
  2. Internationally preferred MSc, EMBA and PhD programmes and graduates
  3. Programme delivery in line with high student expectations
  4. Distinct BI graduate profile that combines academic strength, skills and values
  5. Professional delivery of high-volume undergraduate and executive programmes with high quality and relevance
  6. Preferred knowledge partner for business and public sector


Much of BI’s development in 2016 was linked to digitization. BI has invested considerable resources and achieved noticeable results on digitization throughout the year. Digitization affects how teaching is performed and how the examinations are conducted. It affects our daily processes and support functions that benefit both students and staff and it includes the contents of study programmes and competence- and skill development for our students.

Digitization is a prerequisite for BI’s success with several of the six main priorities, and the Board believes that the progress in 2016 shows an organization that is on course. 

International - Impact - Interaction

Our strategic ambitions define BI as an "impact-driven" business school. The ability to influence the international research and influence students' learning and practice in business and society in a positive direction is our driving force. And it is also our main competitive advantage.

The reorganization of the Norwegian economy has dominated the public debate throughout the year. Rapid technological changes and political upheavals confirm the impression of a changing world. Expertise about economic relationships is noticeably more in demand, and BI has fulfilled its role as an internationally oriented knowledge institution and active contributor in society.

The quality of what BI delivers will always depend on the quality of the interactions we facilitate. Interaction between the academic staff, between academic staff and administrative staff, between BI and students, and between BI, business and society in general.

BI’s capacity for "impact", for interaction and for bringing international perspectives closer to our own reality has been strengthened through our activities in 2016.

BI Norwegian Business School is one of Europe's top business schools with over 20,000 students annually. The business is organized as a self-owned foundation whose purpose is solely teaching and research. All financial surplus is used to strengthen BI's academic and learning environment.

Thank you

The Board of Trustees wishes to thank the staff, students, alumni, partners and others who have contributed to BI’s development in 2016. BI’s employees have managed to combine innovative thinking with a solid delivery of what has always been BI’s strength: research and teaching with high quality and relevance. With their activities and achievements, students and alumni from BI excelled as good ambassadors for BI, something the Board notice and really appreciate. All this strengthens the Board's conviction that BI is evolving in the right direction.