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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

At BI we promote diversity, and want to create a safe place where employees, students and stakeholders find belonging and growth. BI has set up a task force that works with further development on diversity and equality at BI.

DEIB is defined as Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, and is both a mindset as well as procedures. AASCB states in their positioning paper (2021) that:

“Diversity is not a box to be checked or a statement on a website. It is a core value and is fundamental to our mission to foster engagement, accelerate innovation, and amplify impact in business education.

We believe that diversity in business can be achieved when business schools themselves embrace diversity within the communities they serve. Learners from a variety of backgrounds are inspired when they see role models and relatable examples represented in the faculty, staff, and curriculum, which fuels the pipeline for diverse leaders in business and society.”

BI works continuously with Diversity and Gender in various initiatives, strategies and policies. In June 2022 the top management decided that BI should revisit and concentrate our efforts towards a new DEIB policy. 

Diversity and equality at BI

BI’s policy for Diversity and Equality states that all employees shall have the same rights, duties and opportunities irrespective of gender, age and national/ethnic background, disability, religion or sexual orientation.

SDG #5 – Gender Equality is one of BI’s three targeted goals within our sustainability and BI works actively to secure inclusion and prevent any discrimination on the basis on gender.

BI also works actively to stimulate employees to remain in their positions up to the age limit for the employment relationship, as well as to make facilitations for employees with disabilities.

The Working Environment Act governs protection against discrimination. BI has both an activity- and a reporting obligation in relation to the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act.

Policy on diversity and equality

The purpose of BI’s policy on diversity and equality is to provide a clear statement of the School’s overall principles with regard to such fundamental areas as equal opportunities and inclusiveness.

BI wishes to demonstrate both internally and externally its goals in this field and the measures that will be given priority in its endeavours to achieve them. 

In line with BI’s aims of creating an inclusive work and study environment that is characterised by diversity, specific goals and measures have been established for this work. The concept of diversity is a broad one, since in addition to gender, age, ethnicity and national origins it also covers functional ability, language, outlook on life and sexual inclination. BI has chosen in the first instance to focus on goals and initiatives that relate to gender, nationality and age.

BI has a fundamental belief that diversity will assist us to develop our activities in a positive manner. One of our strategic goals is the strengthening of our international operations and status. Increased diversity will increase our capacity for creativity and internationalisation, while enabling us to attract the best expertise, whatever its gender, age or nationality.

BI also wishes to create an inclusive internal culture that is founded on mutual respect and openness to people or things that are different. 

This work is based on the experience of similar national and international institutions and is in line with current laws and regulations.

BI’s overall diversity and equality goal

  • Increased diversity will improve BI’s opportunities for achieving its strategic goals.
  • All BI Norwegian Business School employees must have the same rights, obligations and opportunities, regardless of their gender, age or national/ethnic origin.