About BI

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

At BI we promote diversity, and want to create a safe place where employees, students and stakeholders find belonging and growth. BI has set up a task force that works with further development on diversity and equality at BI.

Gender diversity action plan 2020-2024

Our focus areas are based on an analysis of the main challenges for gender equality.

Increase share of female faculty

  • Targeted recruitment efforts in Finance and Economics – Provost/HoD/HR
  • Targeted recruitment efforts at campuses outside Nydalen – Provost/EVP fulltime/HR

Increase male share in administrative positions and in managerial positions – level 3

  • Targeted recruitment efforts in all divisions - HR

Increase awareness of unconscious biases

  • Seminar series – Reading between the lines – Provost

Prevention and handling of sexual harassment - HR

  • Risk assessment
  • Specify code of conduct
  • Implement new policies on notification and handling of sexual harassment
  • Training – managers and supervisors PHD students
  • Awareness – PHD students

Yearly reporting and analysis on key indicators - HR

  • Distribution
  • Salary
  • Work environment survey 2020 and 2022

Increase the number of female students in the Bachelor of MSc programmes in Finance.

  • Women in Finance initiative

Competence and training
BI is a part of the KIF network (The committee Gender Balance and diversity in research KIF, appointed by the Ministry of Education and Research) and participates in their sector seminars as well as using them as advisor to develop our work on DEIB.

BI also funds the faculty based initiative Reading between the lines, which is an arena where national and international researchers holds seminars on issues related to gender inequality in academia.

BI has developed a policy against harassment and sexual harassment, and a training program for leaders and employees.