About BI

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

At BI we promote diversity, and want to create a safe place where employees, students and stakeholders find belonging and growth. BI has set up a task force that works with further development on diversity and equality at BI.

Gender diversity goals

Main goal
BI's organisation, administrative systems and practices are gender-neutral.

Gender distribution
We have committed to obtaining equal gender distribution within each position category and in the different sections, units and departments. This also applies to the school's top management and governing bodies, Deans and Heads of Department.

We want to even out the gender distribution among employees within a 40-60% bracket. This also applies to the different sections and the different position categories at BI.

Both genders are entitled to equal pay for equal work. We will level out any systematic differences in pay due to gender.

Employees have equal rights and opportunities for development in their jobs, regardless of gender. This includes formal competence development, and competence development related to responsibilities and participation in national and international projects and forums.

Work environment

  • We will adapt our working environment to both women and men. All employees have the opportunity to combine care responsibilities with work.
  • BI is a harassment-free workplace. We do not tolerate statements and actions that may be offensive to students, job seekers or employees.
  • We will inform employees about equal opportunities and action programmes to counteract discrimination and harassment of employees.