Speak up

Emergency plan

All students and employees at BI should be aware of and familiar with the emergency plan and the fire instructions.

Response options in case of life-threatening violence/pågående livstruende vold (PLIVO)

Call the police (112), try to stay calm, and describe as much as you can:

  • What: is happening?
  • Where: address, where in the building?
  • How: for example, what kind of weapon (rifle, pistol, knife?), how many attackers?

If possible, hold the line and follow the perpetrator at a safe distance. If needed, the emergency central can connect to the camera on your phone.

Assess your response options:

  1. Run if you can
    - To a safe place, not the fire assembly point.
    - When you are safe, let your next of kin know
  2. Hide if you are not able to run
    - Lock or close the doors (barricade)
    - Put your phone on silent
    - Block lines of vision, turn of the lights
    - Can you evacuate now? RUN
  3. Fight if you do not have any other choice
    - What may be used as a weapon?
    - Attack the weapon or the perpetrator's eyes and throat-  try to bring him or her down

This information and knowledge is important in both your work and leisure time.