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Emergency plan

All students and employees at BI should be aware of and familiar with the emergency plan and the fire instructions.

Please familiarise yourself with the following: 

  •  Evacuation routes/fire escapes
  •  The closest manual fire alarm
  •  The closest fire extinguisher/fire hose

In the event of fire:

  • Call the fire department on tel. number 110
  • Start evacuation
  • Press the manual fire alarm
  • Try to extuingish the fire if possible
  • Shut doors and windows 

In the event of a fire alarm

  • Start evacuation, use the nearest fire escape
  • Shut doors and windows


Mustering Points

BI Oslo - The square between Torgbygget and Gullhaugen Torg.
BI Trondheim - Outside BI's main entrance, entrance II, Havnegata 9.
BI Stavanger - On the pier by Byfjordparken 15.
BI Bergen - On the other side of the bay, towards Thormøhlens Gate.