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Emergency plan

All students and employees at BI should be aware of and familiar with the emergency plan and the fire instructions.

Important steps

If someone is in need of medical assistance, the following things need to be done (not necessarily in this order):

  • Check the state of the patient / provide first aid
  • Call 113
  • Notify the reception
  • Meet the ambulance
  • Hold the elevator
  • Secure the area

Call 113 and notify the reception and security guard

Call medical/ambulance (113), try to stay calm, and describe as much as you can:

  • What: is happening?
  • Where: address, where in the building?

Follow the instructions you are given and stay on the line if possible. 

Give first-aid

Provide life-saving first aid until the emergency services arrive. 

  1. Check if the person is awake (can open their eyes or talk), can breathe, is cold or bleeding greatly.
  2. If unconscious with normal breathing: place the person in the recovery position (on the side with arms and legs locked, the chin upwards and mouth downwards). 
  3. If the person is lifeless and not breathing normally: start CPR. Give 30 rapid compressions, followed by two rescue breaths. Repeat this process until help arrives.
  4. If the person is bleeding: press hard on the wound until the bleeding stops. The wound must be elevated above heart level.
  5. Keep the person warm.

Read a more detailed instruction at sikresiden.no. 

Defibrillators on campus

Meet Paramedics