Programmes and individual courses

Data Science and Analytics

Combine your quantitative and technical interests with business skills and competence, to meet a growing global need for candidates with interdisciplinary abilities.

Despite an increasing trend and demand for this interdisciplinary competence, educational institutions have lagged behind. One of the advantages of being a private institution with a focus on business relevance is that we can act quickly, and develop and offer what is required to educate attractive candidates for a dynamic and changing job market.

BI has brought together an exciting group of experts in subjects such as statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The Department of Data Science and Analytics has several renowned academics and researchers associated with it. Get to know some of our faculty:  

Jan Kudlicka.jpg

Jan Kudlicka, Assistant Professor

Background: PhD in Computer Science

Field of expertise:

  • Probabilistic modelling
  • Probabilistic programming
  • Statistics
  • Monte Carlo methods
  • Bayesian statistics
  • Applied mathematics
  • Databases
  • Web application development
  • Python

Stoltenberg, Emil Aas 2820 x 2572 .jpgEmil Aas Stoltenberg - Assistant Professor

Background: PhD in Mathematics and master's degree in Political Science and Mathematics.

Field of expertise:

  • Statistics
  • Inference theory
  • High-frequency data
  • Survival analysis
  • Econometrics
  • R (software environment for statistical computing and graphics)

Yang, Wei-Ting 2605 x 2430.jpg

Wei-Ting Yang - Assistant Professor

Background: PhD and master's degree in Industrial Engineering.

Field of expertise:

  • Python
  • Machine learning
  • Applied statistics
  • R (software environment for statistical computing and graphics)