Programmes and individual courses

Data Science and Analytics

Combine your quantitative and technical interests with business skills and competence, to meet a growing global need for candidates with interdisciplinary abilities.

Collaborative networking

Building strong relationships and networks with other businesses and experts within this field is one of the most important things we do.

  • To ensure that we develop programmes that are adapted to the skills needed by the business community, BI has established what we call advisory councils, which have advisory functions. In these councils, there are representatives from important actors and experts within the business world.
  • Another way to make sure our students get access to leading industry competence is by collaborating with different businesses. We have a formalised collaboration with Simula that works actively to increase the level of awareness and competency in data science and what it can contribute to our society. Among other things, it is about strengthening education, research and innovation activities within the subject areas, and the intersection between data science and business.
  • BI is also a member of NORA, the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium, which gives us access to an expanded research environment within artificial intelligence.
  • Students who take the MSc in Business Analytics at BI, will have the opportunity to complete an internship with one of the world's largest players in data analytics, the SAS Institute, and be certified in their software.

"BI is at the forefront in adding business relevance to management and analytics skills. We are excited to contribute to the education of the future analytics leaders who possess the digital expertise that is crucial to the competitiveness of our society and our customers ahead."

Jørn Seglem

Managing Director at SAS Institute Norway