Programmes and individual courses

Data Science and Analytics

Combine your quantitative and technical interests with business skills and competence, to meet a growing global need for candidates with interdisciplinary abilities.

MSc in Business Analytics

For those with a background in finance, economics and social studies, but who want to develop a better understanding of how to create added value through data analytics. 

Programme profile

Enables you to combine highly analytical skills with business understanding and management skills, so that through good use of data and technological tools you can create positive ripple effects for businesses and society. 

Course examples:

MSc in Data Science for Business

For those who have an education in quantitative subjects, such as mathematics or statistics, but who also want to acquire a good understanding of business and expertise in finance and economics. 

Programme profile

Allows you to develop advanced data science skills while gaining solid business insight. Your interdisciplinary perspective will enable you to solve complex challenges in an ever-increasing technology-driven society.

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MSc in Quantitative Finance

For those who have an education in quantitative subjects and enjoy diving deep into complex mathematical challenges and techniques, and wants an applied degree.

Programme profile

Provides you with advanced quantitative skills within finance, and the ability to assess problems and present robust financial and strategic advice based on in depth financial analysis

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Bachelor of Data Science for Business

For those who have an interest in quantitative subjects, technology and data, but who also find finance and social studies exciting, and want a practical education. 

Programme profile:

Designed to strengthen your digital skills within, for example, programming and data analysis, as well as give you a solid understanding of how the global business world works through finance, economics and marketing.

Course examples:

At BI you will have the unique opportunity to complete a 5-year programme within Data Science by building on the bachelor of Data Science in Business with our MSc in Data Science in Business.