100 scaleups - scaling technology globally

We help tech entrepreneurs and companies with high growth potential move forward and scale their business globally.

In the 100 ScaleUPs programme, we help technology companies to develop and enable execution of their scaling strategy.

BI is one of the leading business schools in Europe, and no 1. in Norway - and together with other leading universities, such as MIT, Berkeley and Tsinghua in China, we connect companies with renown investors, mentors and industrial clusters.

100Scaleup Community: Our scale-up programmes act as an adhesive in an innovative ecosystem, and provide companies with the competence and links to the leading international environments in innovation and entrepreneurship. We aim to provide the necessary knowledge, frameworks, tools and feedback in order to develop, test and validate a strategy that is tailored to your business. We facilitate learning and co-creation between companies.


The Global Scaling programme:

  • 12-week programme
  • Your management team works with central strategic issues together with world-class faculty and business mentors in an intensive and structured process
  • Designed to help your company create and implement a strategy for scaling your business internationally


Who should apply?

  • Tech companies with established key operational functions
  • Highly scalable with global ambitions
  • Must dedicate 2-3 participants from top management level to work with the scaling strategy
  • +/- 30-300 mill NOK in turnover. (not an absolute criterion, but in consideration with other growth metrics)

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BI-Tsinghua accelerator:

  • 12-month programme targeting industrial high-tech companies
  • Collaboration between Tsinghua University and BI Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Bridging Chinese and Norwegian technology clusters, investors and experts
  • Tsinghua University is ranked #1 in the world in engineering, computer science and materials
  • Located in the Zhongguancun Area, commonly referred to as “the Silicon Valley of China”


Who should apply?

  • Tech companies with established key operational functions
  • Global growth potential
  • Must dedicate 2-3 participants from management level to work with the growth strategy
  • Demonstrated traction and considerable growth

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