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Ocean Tech Scaling Progam

The Ocean Tech Scaling Program by GCE Ocean Technology, BI Norwegian Business School and Kongsberg Innovation is Norway’s longest-standing scaling program for Norwegian tech companies. Since 2018 more than 40 Norwegian technology companies have been through our tailored scaleup program.

The program aims to validate the participating companies’ market-product fit and develop their global scaling strategy. We provide an opportunity for the participating technology companies to critically go through their strategy by industry experts, mentors, investors, academics and the world’s most renowned entrepreneurship centre, the Martin Trust Centre for MIT Entrepreneurship, in Boston.

These are some of the companies that have been through our program:

The program accepts technology companies within the ocean technology space and requires participation from the founders and core management team. The program focuses on developing each company’s strategy; therefore, top management must participate.

We also require that the joining companies have received risk capital before the program starts.

Every program are only open to between 8 to 10 technology companies.

The program fee is NOK 350 000. NOK 300 000 is sponsored by our partners, while each companies’ contribution is NOK 50 000

The program combines modules with an ongoing consultative process with mentors. During the modules, the participants will go deep on issues relevant to their scaling strategy and discuss them in plenary sessions with other leaders of tech companies. Our academics and experts will present some theories and drive the dialogue by giving real-life examples. Mentors, investors, and experts will also be present and contribute to these modules. The companies are never expected or pushed to discuss or reveal any nondisclosure information.

The program includes five modules, one of which is at MIT, Boston, and a business strategy process with mentors.


Our team consists of:

Per Ingvar Olsen is professor at Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. His research is primarily within business network dynamics, entrepreneurship, innovation, and industrial change.

Mentors: TBD

Ocean Tech Scaling Program season 5 dates:

  • Module 1: October 19 to 21, Bergen
  • Module 2: November 7 to 11, MIT in Boston, US   
  • Module 3: December 7 to 8  (venue TBD)
  • Module 4: January 11 to 12 (venue TBD)
  • Module 5: January to February 1, Bergen


Any questions or interested in joining this program, send an email to scaleup@bi.no