Master of Management programme

Customer and market analytics

Learn to take advantage of available data today by acquiring marketing skills for the next decade. This course teaches you how to understand and employ analytics to improve your business results.

WHY customer and market analytics?

Never before has managers had this much information on their customers, partners and competition at disposal to make informed and smarter decisions; yet they are more than ever criticised about the lack of actionable insights that derive from it.

In this course you learn how to increase the effectiveness of marketing decisions. We use an “Explain-Show-Do-Practice” approach to teaching that encompasses explanations in the lectures followed by a combination of class discussion, case study analysis and practical hands-on exercises in Excel.

We do not go deeply into the statistics and mathematics behind the methods and tools, but rather provide you with an understanding of what the model could be used for, intuitively how it works, which data you need to have and how to evaluate the output you get from the analyses.

TOPICS in this course include:

  • Analysing and visualising your customer and product data
  • Understanding and segmenting customers and markets, identifying high value future customers
  • Exploring your brand positioning against competition and devising potential actions to improve it
  • Implementing hands-on tools to develop new products and calculate how much customers are willing to pay for the new or changed product or service
  • Developing and measuring effectiveness of loyalty programmes, marketing campaigns, multiple-channels and social media investments
  • Evaluating how to optimally allocate resources across different products, channels and sales representatives

"I can confidently say that the course succeeded my expectations. All the new skills we learned – that’s what brings money to companies! Matilda is a fantastic teacher, encouraging us to think wider and dive deeper "

Yulia Seeger

Former student

"This course gives a set of skills for leaders who seeks to be more confident at decision making. Matilda was an excellent professional with the ability to make complex things simple, guiding us to what we might call marketing knowledge of the next decade"

Viktor Frik

Former student


To those reading analytic reports:

To those who do analytics: 

"This course has given me a very steep and interesting learning curve. I certainly have learned more than I expected when I signed up for this."

Reidun Frostad

Former student

"It has been an very interesting and comprehensive course. It took some time for me to process everything, but during the home- and project assignment I realized how much I have learned. Matilda Dorotic took us through a future-oriented and insightful journey and provided us with some strong tools."

Tone Røneid

Former student

Practical information


Matilda Dorotic
Matilda Dorotic is an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing at BI. Her research interests include customer engagement, customer value management, effectiveness of rewarding and loyalty programmes. Recently, she has also focused on how leaders can analyse the effect of big data and social media, new ways of looking at customer lifetime value and ROI in marketing.


Oslo: Spring 2023
Module 1: 23.02 - 24.02
Module 2: 30.03 - 31.03
Module 3: 27.04 - 28.04

We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.