World Business Trends 2017

Jan Ketil Arnulf, Espen Andersen, Ragnhild Silkoset

Trend video on global business trends in finance, marketing, strategy, leadership and technology presented by our professors from China and Norway.

Espen Andersen (Strategy)

Global competition is no longer just about labor arbitrage - doing things cheaper - but more about having the best talent for innovation, the best foundation for digital experiments, and the best analytical models to understand what is going on. Business leaders can no longer rely on intuition, but will have to build strategy and business models based on a deep understanding of their systems, their digital footprint, and  how the customer make use of their products and services in an increasingly connected world.

Ragnhild Silkoset (Marketing)

The future of marketing? You are holding it in your hand already! The behavioral data from the smartphone will enable personal interaction between the brand and people. And this is important, because the future consumers will ask, “Is this brand good for me, and is it good for the society?”  Brands who appeal to both the hearts and the minds of the consumers, will win the future.

Wang Xiaozu (Finance)

In the past few decades, China has accumulated a tremendous amount of financial, physical and most importantly, human capital. Despite some of the current difficulties, I believe that Chinas’s train of economic growth and prosperity won’t be dereailed.

Jan Ketil Arnulf (Leadership)

Next year is going to put heavy challenges on your global leadership capabilities. Brexit and the American presidential election are going to increase uncertainties in the global markets, and possibly protectionism so your ability to do global leadership will be more important than ever.

Published 13. December 2016

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