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Ragnhild Silkoset

Professor - Research and Academic Resources

Department of Marketing


Ragnhild Silkoset is professor in marketing at BI Norwegian Business School.


Prior to this she was Dean for the Executive education and chair of the department of marketing. Silkoset has been a visiting scholar at College of Business at Florida Atlantic University, USA and Gatton Business School at the University of Kentucky, USA.She is also Adjunct Professor at School of Business and Economics at UiT Arctic University of Norway.

Silkoset received the degree of Dr. Economy from BI Norwegian Business School with the thesis "Collective Market Orientation in Co-producing networks". Before that she received the degree Cand Merc at Buskerud University College, majoring in marketing, minor in business administration and minor in educational theory and practice. Her research has been published in international journals such as Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Business Ethics, European Journal of Marketing, International Business Review and Journal of Business to Business Marketing, among others. In addition, Silkoset co-authored a research method book used by many Norwegian institutions.

In 2011 Norwegian marketing research association appointed her to receive the price as this years marketing analytics for her pedagogical work with the research methodology course at BI. Silkoset has also been used as an expert witness in litigation for both the District Court and Court of Appeal.

Research areas
Blockchain, Fake products, Strategic Alliances, Social Networks, Market Orientation, Free Riding, Pricing Strategies, Inter-Organizational Relationships.

Teaching areas
Research methodology
Pricing strategy
Market oriented management
Marketing channels
Applied quantitative analysis


Biong, Harald & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2017)

Buying CSR with employees' pensions? The effect of social responsible investments on Norwegian SMEs' choice of pension fund management: A conjoint survey

International Journal of Bank Marketing, 35(1), s. 56- 74. Doi: 10.1108/IJBM-10-2015-0162

Purpose Employees often expect an emphasis on financial aspects to be predominant when their employers choose a fund management company for the investment of employees’ pension fund deposits. By contrast, in an attempt to appear as socially responsible company managers may emphasize social responsibility (SR) in pension fund choices. The purpose of this paper is to examine to what extent managers for small- and medium-sized companies emphasize SR vs expected returns when choosing investment managers for their employees’ pension funds. Design/methodology/approach A conjoint experiment among 276 Norwegian SMEs’ decision makers examines their trade-offs between social and financial goals in their choice of employees’ pension management. Furthermore, the study examines how the companies’ decision makers’ characteristics influence their pension fund management choices. Findings The findings show that the employers placed the greatest weight to suppliers providing funds adhering to socially responsible investment (SRI) practices, followed by the suppliers’ corporate brand credibility, the funds’ expected return, and the suppliers’ management fees. Second, employers with investment expertise emphasized expected returns and downplayed SR in their choice, whereas employers with stated CSR-strategies downplayed expected return and emphasized SR. Originality/value Choice of supplier to manage employees’ pension funds relates to a general discussion on whether companies should do well – maximizing value, or do good, – maximizing corporate SR. In this study, doing well means maximizing expected returns and minimizing costs of the pension investments, whereas doing good means emphasizing SRI in this choice. Unfortunately, the employees might pay a price for their companies’ ethicality as moral considerations may conflict with maximizing the employees’ pension fund value.

Nygaard, Arne; Biong, Harald, Silkoset, Ragnhild & Kidwell, Roland E. (2017)

Leading by example: values-based strategy to instill ethical conduct

Journal of Business Ethics, Published ahead of print Doi: 10.1007/s10551-015-2885-9

Silkoset, Ragnhild; Nygaard, Arne & Kidwell, Roland E. (2016)

Differential effects of plural ownership and governance mechanisms in limiting shirkers and free riders

Corporate Ownership and Control, 13(2), s. 113- 131. Doi: 10.22495/cocv13i2p12 - Full text in research archive

Nes, Erik Bertin; Yelkur, Rama & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2014)

Consumer affinity for foreign countries: Construct development, buying behavior consequences and animosity contrasts

International Business Review, 23(4), s. 774- 784. Doi: 10.1016/j.ibusrev.2013.11.009

Biong, Harald & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2014)

The ineffectiveness of corporate brand investments in creating price premiums

Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 22(2), s. 169- 184. Doi: 10.2753/MTP1069-6679220211

Biong, Harald; Nygaard, Arne & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2013)

Ledelse, lønnsomhet og etikk gjennom eksemplets makt

Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse, 16(2), s. 39- 46.

Silkoset, Ragnhild (2013)

Negative and Positive Effects of Social Capital on Co-located Firms’ Withholding Efforts

European Journal of Marketing, 47(1-2), s. 174- 197. Doi: 10.1108/03090561311285501

Nes, Erik Bertin; Yelkur, Rama & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2012)

Exploring the animosity domain and the role of affect in a cross-national context

International Business Review, 21(5), s. 751- 765. Doi: 10.1016/j.ibusrev.2011.08.005

Dahlstrøm, Robert; Silkoset, Ragnhild, Nilsen, Harald & Nygaard, Arne (2010)

Venner og kjente - hvordan hjelper de deg til bedre lønnsomhet i næringsklynger?

Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse, 13(5), s. 46- 53.

Silkoset, Ragnhild (2010)

Ti tips for prisstrategier i Krisetider

Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse, 13(1), s. 22- 25.

Biong, Harald; Nygaard, Arne & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2010)

The Influence of Retail Management's Use of Social Power on Corporate Ethical Values, Employee Commitment, and Performance

Journal of Business Ethics, 97(3), s. 341- 363. Doi: 10.1007/s10551-010-0523-0

Silkoset, Ragnhild (2009)

Market Orientation Capabilities: A Study of Learning Processes in Market-oriented Companies

VDM Verlag Dr. Müller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG.

Silkoset, Ragnhild (2009)

Prisstrategier til norske bedrifter

Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse, 12(4)

Biong, Harald & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2008)

Samarbeid eller konkurranse: to alternative veier til lavere priser og kostnader

Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse, 11(2), s. 59- 65.

Silkoset, Ragnhild (2007)

Tjenesteproduksjon og innovasjon

Innovasjonsprosesser ? om innovasjoners odyssé, Hernes og Koefoed (red)

Kidwell Jr, Roland E.; Nygaard, Arne & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2007)

Antecedents and Effects of Free Riding in the Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship

Journal of Business Venturing, 22(4), s. 522- 544.

Nes, Erik B.; Solberg, Carl Arthur & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2007)

The impact of national culture and communication on exporter-distributor relations and on export performance

International Business Review, 16(4), s. 405- 424.

Biong, Harald & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2006)

Extendedness as a relationship governance mechanism for securing cooperation in marketing relationships

Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, 13

Traditionally, buyers encourage fierce price competition among suppliers. Such price competition has been the dominating strategy for purchase of commodities in business markets. Undoubtedly, this practice has been effective in many cases. Unfortunately, transactional purchasing practices could have negative effects because they demotivate suppliers to engage in value creating activities and incur substantial transaction costs. In contrast to competition, buyer-seller cooperation can also bring prices and total costs down. One problem of cooperation is that the parties can realize individual gains by defection while the other continues to cooperate. This article examines how industrial buyers of a commodity can overcome this problem and realize cost savings and low prices by motivating the supplier to cooperate by offering an extended time frame for purchases. The authors test the research hypotheses in a sample of 347 industrial buyers of electricity. The empirical tests provide general support for their predictions. The implications of the findings for marketing theory and practice are discussed.

Silkoset, Ragnhild (2006)

En empirisk kartlegging av norske bedrifters forventninger til egen krisehåndtering

Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse, 9(4), s. 72- 87.

Silkoset, Ragnhild (2005)

Failure of collective action: The role of co-market orientation

Anthology for Kjell Grønhaug in celebration of his 70th birthday. Anna Mette Fuglseth and Ingeborg Astrid Kleppe (eds)

Silkoset, Ragnhild (2011)


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Nygaard, Arne; Silkoset, Ragnhild & Kidwell, Roland E. (2020)

Government Coercion Backfires in FightingCOVID-19 Their draconian measures and hypocrisy in following them come ata cost.

[Popular scientific article]. The American Spectator

Silkoset, Ragnhild; Dahlstrøm, Robert & Nygaard, Arne (2018)

The End of Organizations? The Disruptive Impact of Blockchain Technology on Trust, Opportunism and Transactions

[Academic lecture]. SMS Special Conference.

Silkoset, Ragnhild; Dahlstrøm, Robert & Nygaard, Arne (2018)

The Blockchain Disruption: From Lemons to Peach Markets

[Academic lecture]. Blockchain Technology & Organizational Research Symposium.

Silkoset, Ragnhild; Nygaard, Arne & Kidwell, Roland E* (2012)

Differential Effects of Governance Mechanisms on Franchisor-Franchisee Unit Opportunism

[Academic lecture]. Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

Biong, Harald & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2011)

Will companies pay for clean conscience? The effect of social responsible investments on SMEs' choice of pension funds?

[Academic lecture]. Johan Arndt Memorial Conference.

Gripsrud, Geir & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2010)

Metode og Dataanalyse: Beslutingsstøtte for bedrifter ved bruk av JMP. Oppgavesamling

[Textbook]. Cappelen Damm Høyskoleforlaget.

Gripsrud, Geir; Olsson, Ulf Henning & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2010)

Metode og dataanalyse. Beslutningsstøtte for bedrifter ved bruk av JMP

[Textbook]. Cappelen Damm Høyskoleforlaget.

Silkoset, Ragnhild (2010)

Enkel brukermanual for JMP

[Textbook]. Cappelen Damm Høyskoleforlaget.

Silkoset, Ragnhild & Biong, Harald (2010)

Causes of Price Premiums in Industrial Markets

[Academic lecture]. Johan Arndt-Konferansen.

Silkoset, Ragnhild & Nes, Erik Bertin (2010)

The concept of country affinity in consumer behavior

[Academic lecture]. Johan Arndt-Konferansen.

Silkoset, Ragnhild & Nes, Erik Bertin (2009)

Extending the Domain of Animosity in a Cross-National Context: The Effect of Psychosocial Outcomes on Buying Intentions

[Academic lecture]. Johan Arndt Marketing Conference 2009.

Silkoset, Ragnhild (2008)

The Dark Side of Agglomeration Externalities

[Academic lecture]. 15th International Conference on Multi-Organizational Partnerships, Alliances, and Networks (MOPAN).

Kidwell Jr, Roland E.; Nygaard, Arne & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2004)

Causes and Effects of Free Riding in the Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship

[Academic lecture]. Academy of Management National Meeting, Entrepreneurship Division.

Gripsrud, Geir; Olsson, Ulf Henning & Silkoset, Ragnhild (2004)

Metode og Dataanalyse. Med fokus på beslutninger i bedrifter

[Textbook]. Høyskoleforlaget AS.

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
2003 BI Norwegian Business School Ph.D Dr. Oecon.
1999 Buskerud University College Master
1997 Buskerud University College Bachelor
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2019 - Present UiT Norges arktiske universitet Adjunct professor
2011 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Professor
2020 - 2021 Florida Atlantic University Visiting Scholar
2015 - 2018 BI Norwegian Business School Dean Executive
2011 - 2014 BI Norwegian Business School Head of Department
2011 - 2014 Gjøvik University College Adjunct professor
2008 - 2011 Gjøvik University College Adjunct Associate Professor
2003 - 2011 BI Norwegian Business School Associate professor
2002 - 2003 BI Norwegian Business School Assistant Professor
1999 - 2002 BI Norwegian Business School Doctoral Fellow
2000 - 2001 University of Kentucky, USA Visiting Scholar
1997 - 2000 Buskerud University College Lecturer