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Life as a student

Life as a student can be both exciting and challenging. Therefore we've listed different opportunities and resources which can be useful during your studies.


During your studies you have a lot of opportunities to meet new people and develop yourself. Through BI Student Organisation and BI Athletics you can express yourself in things you enjoy, whether it's planning big events or playing sports.


It's important for us to give you an education that fits with your career goals. As a student at BI, you have a range of resources and opportunities that can help you get the most out of your time here.


Earn practical work experience during your studies!


Gain additional international experience while you take a degree at BI!

BI StartUp

BI StartUp is for you who are interested in entrepreneurship and starting your own business. This is a great place to expand your network within the entrepreneurship environment.

BI Case

Case solving improves the students’ skills in areas such as presentation technique, team work, analysis, time management and out of the box thinking.


Life as a student is exciting, but is can also be challenging. BI offers different services to make sure you are feeling good about yourself and to help you succeed as a student. BI and SiO offers courses, groups and counselling that can help make your student life easier.

If you as a student, friend or parent have some concerns, contact us at or call Vibeke Aarflot at +47 464 10 101.


Your career journey has started! As a BI student, you have access to a wide range of services to help you prepare for your future career.

Your career journey has started! As a BI student, you have access to a wide range of services to help you prepare for your future career. With personal guidance, online resources and a range of career courses and workshops, our professional team of advisors will support you in your career journey while studying at BI.

For more information on all our services, make sure to check out our services and upcoming events at BI Student Portal, Job and Careers.

Career guidance

Get professional one-to-one sessions with a career advisor on career-related questions. We will give you tools to improve your reflection, motivation and skills to manage your own career path.

Job application, CV and interviews

Do you find it difficult to communicate what you may contribute to a company? We can help you review your application and give you tips on how to improve your CV. We also provide one-to-one interview training.

Career courses

We offer career courses and workshops. The courses will teach you how to build your brand, prepare your CV’s, how to use LinkedIn in your career planning, write application letters and how to handle interviews successfully.

Career Fair

Get inspired and meet the companies! As a student, this is a great way to get involved with businesses and network with potential employers. The Career Fair at BI are among the Nordic region’s largest career events, run by students at the BI Norwegian Business School.



Fadderullan is the name of the Buddy Weeks at BI Norwegian Business School, and is arranged in collaboration with BI Student Organisation. Since the beginning, Fadderullan has grown to become Norway's biggest student-driven event, with over 4000 participants each year - in Oslo alone!

Student bars

Every campus has it's very own student bar run by BISO, where different activities and sosial gatherings are arranged frequently. Chech out what happens at your campus:

Read more about the study life on our campus pages

Student welfare organisations

The student welfare organisations are here to support you with what you need, and can offer health services, counselling, gyms, housing, child care and more on a student friendly budget. BI Norwegian Business School are in close collaboration with the welfare organisations in each city, and by paying the semester fee you get access to all of the services your welfare organisation offers.

Read more about the different student welfare organisations below.