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Life as a student

Life as a student can be both exciting and challenging. Therefore we've listed different opportunities and resources which can be useful during your studies.

Get help when you need it

Life as a student is exciting, but is can also be challenging. BI offers different services to make sure you are feeling good about yourself and to help you succeed as a student. BI and SiO offers courses, groups and counselling that can help make your student life easier.

If you as a student, friend or parent have some concerns, contact us at counselling@bi.no or call Vibeke Aarflot at +47 464 10 101.

Career Services

The career service at BI acts as a link between our students and business. They arrange career fairs, organise the career portal, help students shape their resumes, hold job application courses, provide one-to-one career guidance sessions, and more.

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Study guidance

The transition into student life can be challenging. At BI, we have a large, professional staff here to ensure that you get the most out of your time here. We can help you succeed in your studies and to reach your goals.

The Library

The library services available at BI Norwegian Business School include the main library in Oslo, the libraries at Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger campuses, as well as the digital library, which is always open!

Ombud for students

The Ombud for Students is an independent and neutral person who can help you with matters related to your study situation. Read more here.

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We can help you with everything from concentration difficulties, motivation, exam anxiety and more, in addition to practical challenges and functional disabilities.

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University Chaplain

The University Chaplain at Campus Oslo is a good interlocutor and counsellor, and have confidentiality. Contact the University Chaplain at studentprest@bi.no or book a session at InfoHub at the main entrance.

Student welfare organisations

The student welfare organisations are here to support you with what you need, and can offer health services, counselling, gyms, housing, child care and more on a student friendly budget. BI Norwegian Business School are in close collaboration with the welfare organisations in each city, and by paying the semester fee you get access to all of the services your welfare organisation offers.

Read more about the different student welfare organisations below.

SiO, Oslo

SiO's main task is to provide our students with products and services that make life as a student efficient and stimulating.

Sammen Bergen

Sammen is a welfare organisation that helps students in Western Norway to have a great study period.

SiS, Stavanger

SiS is run by and for students. We will make sure you as a student get the most out of your study period.

SiT, Trondheim

SiT want to help the students have a great time studying in Trondheim, and we want to encourage more students to come here.

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