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This page provide information about how to get here, parking and hotels for our visiting guests.

How to get here

The BI campus is situated in Nydalen in Oslo. It is easily reached by public transport from the city centre.

From Oslo Central Station (OSLO S)

Metro ("T-bane"): from Jernbanetorget T, you have three options:

  • 4 Vestli via Majorstuen (Westbound line)
  • 5 Ringen via Majorstuen (Westbound line)
  • 5 Ringen via Tøyen

Get off at the metro station 'Nydalen'. The metro will take you to Nydalen from the city centre in 10-15 minutes.

Bus: from Jernbanetorget, you have two options:

  • 37 Nydalen T - get off at the last stop (outside the BI main entrance)
  • 30 Nydalen - get off at Gullhaugveien (outside the BI side entrance)

To/from Gardermoen (Oslo Airport)

As taxis are expensive in Norway, we recommend using public transport from the airport.

The Airport Shuttle Bus (Nor-Way Bussekspress) has a boarding stop at Ring 3, a five minute walk from the BI building. The bus takes about 40 minutes to get to Gardermoen from there. Read more about the airport shuttle bus

You can also take the metro to the National Theatre (Nationaltheatret) or Jernbanetorget and then take the Airport Express Train to Gardermoen. Read more about the Airport Express.

Arrival in Oslo by other means of transportation

Arrival by train
Oslo can be reached by train from Copenhagen (Denmark) through Sweden (Malmø/Gothenburg) or from Stockholm (Sweden). You will arrive at the Oslo Central Station.

Arrival by bus
Oslo can be reached by bus from Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Busses stop at Oslo Bus Terminal, located next to the Central Station.

Arrival by ferry
You can reach Oslo by ferry from Denmark (Copenhagen – DFDS Seaways, and Frederikshavn – Stena Line) and Germany (Kiel – Color Line). The DFDS Seaways and Stena Line terminal is located at Vippetangen, close to the Central Station. The Color Line terminal is located at Hjortneskaia. A shuttle bus will take you to the Central Station (Oslo S/Jernbanetorget) in 10 minutes.


Employees with ID cards can enter the building via the lifts/stairs in buildings A, B and C. If you do not have an ID card, you must enter via buildings A or D. The exit from the parking garage is via the entrance or exit marked Nydalen Allé.

Students/visitors must exit the parking facilities via U1, 1 or 2. Guests may also use the parking (for a fee) and enter/exit BI via buildings A and D. There is no dedicated visitors' parking area at BI. Visitors may use the pay-and-display parking and access by foot via buildings A and D

The parking facility is open to the public and is additionally used by visitors and tenants in the A and D blocks.

Handicap Parking

Handicap parking spaces are available in the parking lot and they are located near the lifts. To use the handicap parking, you must have issued a municipal parking license that must be visible in the car.

Electric car parking

There are 18 electric car spaces with charging stations, six located in P3 and 12 located in P2, between B and C blocks. These are reserved for electric cars and electricity consumption is free of charge.


Apcoa Parking is responsible for the operation of the parking facility. In addition to the parking lot, there are payment options in the area around the building and in Nydalen in general. See Apcoa https://www.apcoa.no/en/ for updated information for prices and opening hours.

In case of access to parking or other questions, contact Apcoa in Nydalen:

Apcoa Parkering Norway AS – Nydalen P-hus
Tel: 22 05 75 00
Mobile: 954 03 317

E-mail: kundesenter@apcoa.no
Web: www.apcoa.no/en/


Hotel information

BI has a basic agreement with Nordic Choice Hotels which has several hotels in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger.

BI's customer number is 60230943.


Nordic Choice Hotels has several hotels in the city center. The metro will take you to Nydalen in approximately 11-14 minutes. 

The following hotels are listed according to distance to the closest metro station:

Close to Jernbanetorget (11 minutter med T-bane til/fra Nydalen)

For all Nordic Choice Hotels. please see http://www.nordicchoicehotels.com/.

In addition to the NCH deal, BI has a deal with Radisson BLU Hotel in Nydalen and Radisson BLU Plaza. The hotel in Nydalen is located a one minute walk from the BI building. BI's customer number at Radisson BLU is 78485.


Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim

Nordic Choice Hotels several hotels in Bergen, Stavanger og Trondheim. Please use the following link to find your hotel: https://www.nordicchoicehotels.com/

For the deal to be valid, you need to show your student ID card (or other confirmation) upon arrival at the hotel. 

WIFI Guest Network

The guest network at BI Norwegian Business School is based on the UNINETT service "Trådløst gjestenett" (wireless guest network) and is a guest network solution for universities and colleges in Norway.

The service provides easy wireless access for individuals or groups who do not have access to eduroam. The service allows a large number of concurrent users and is a self-service solution based on SMS.

How to use the guest network

To use the guest network, proceed as follows:

  1. Select "BI-Guest" as the network you want to connect to (fig. 1)
  2. Enter the cell phone number (please note: foreign mobile numbers require country prefix, ie. +4512123123), accept the terms and click "Register" (fig. 2)
  3. Enter password/PIN received by SMS and click "Log in" (fig. 3)
  4. You are now online for 12 hours for up to 3 different devices (fig. 4)

Your username: cell phone number. Your password: PIN received by SMS

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4