About BI


This page provide information about how to get here, parking and hotels for our visiting guests.

House rules at BI - campus Oslo

BI has a set of house rules we ask everyone to follow.


It is not allowed to bring dogs into any of BIs student/common areas in Oslo. This is for consideration for our students and employees who are allergic and/or not comfortable with dogs.

We kindly ask all our students and guests to respect this prohibition.

Service and therapy dogs

Guide dogs and service dogs are exempt from the prohibition. The same applies to the training of guide and service dogs. 

The use of therapy dogs requires that the dog is equipped with a harness or other service symbol.

ITV and surveillance

BI must always comply with current regulations for the use of Internal TV (ITV). The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has a separate guide for the usage of camera surveillance.

There are 16 cameras in the common areas in U1 and 1. All data is stored for 7 days before they automatically are deleted, in accordance with the regulations from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

In the event of theft or other incidents, data is handed over to the police only. This requires a police report.

Guide from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Surveillance).

Use of pallets

Due to wear and tear, tidiness and aesthetics in our buildings, is it not allowed to use pallets from floor U1 to 7th. All transport must happen on four-wheels trolley with soft wheels that does not leave marks on the floors.

Items delivered on pallets must be reloaded before being transported in the building. The floors are not dimensioned for storage of large and heavy quantities. The floors in corridors, classrooms and office areas are dimensioned for 300 kg/sqm, and in some zones 500 kg/sqm.

Storage of pallets is only allowed in K2. Facility has information on the dimensioning of the different floors at BI.

Use of trolleys

It is not permitted to use jack trolleys in the building from floor U1 to 7th.  This is to reduce damage to floors, doors, door frames, lifts and walls. All transport must take place on four-wheels trolley with soft wheels that does not leave marks.

Damage to building as a result of the use of trolleys must be reported immediately to Facility on a form, or by telephone: 464 10 018. Name, telephone number, company and what kind of damage must be stated.

Damage may result in liability to BI.