About BI


This page provide information about how to get here, parking and hotels for our visiting guests.



At BI tenants, students and employees have access to a wide range of facilities.

Who What Where More information
4Service Restaurant for employees D6 4Service website
4Service The Living Ktichen, Food Court U1 4Service website
4Service Catering - 4Service website
Brew Express Café D1 4Service website
Costa Coffee Café B1 Costa Coffee website
Market Shop Kiosk A1 -
Athletica Nydalen Gym D2 Athletica website
Sagene Avis Digital newspaper D1 Sagene Avis website
Nordre Aker Budstikke Digital newspaper D1 Nordre Aker Budstikke website
Raah Skin care D1 Raah website
Smil Tannlegesenter Dentist D2 Smil Tannlegesenter website
Terrace Terrace D  
Real Estate Rental of storage DU1 eiendom@bi.no
Goods Receipt Goods Receipt/Delivery of goods Nydalsveien 23 Delivery of goods



Campus Oslo has security from Avarn Security.

You can contact security at tel: 47 64 65 74. Contact information to security (after 16.00 and weekends) is tel: 91 50 25 80 (additional costs may apply). 

Perimeter alarms are mounted on the exterior of the building. Elevators can be accessed with key cards beyond opening hours.

Customization and control of the alarms are possible, with a fee.



Tenants can rent parking spaces at BI Oslo, underneath the building.

There are 689 parking spaces underneath block A,B,C and D. For current price, contact Real Estate: eiendom@bi.no. There are none fixed parking spaces, but first come, first served- principle. The parking is organized by OnePark with license plate recognition: autopay.io

Campus Oslo does not have any designated visitors’ parking. Visitors are encouraged to use public transport or use the parking spaces outside and under the campus building that require a fee.

Bicycle parking for tenants

In addition to outdoor parking spaces for bicycles, there are also a separate locked room for bicycle parking for employees at BI and tenants. This room is in block B in P3. Look at the sign at the door for guidelines for usage. It is not allowed to bring the bike up in the building, due to cleaning and wear.


The owner has a high focus on environment and aims to be climate neutral. The landlord is eco-lighthouse certified, which requires continuous development and improvement on environmental measures.


Remodelling, both physical and cabling, must be approved in advance by BI.

The guidelines for reconstructions are provided in the contract for operations.

Tenants are not allowed to rent any workers without the approval of BI. BI has service agreements for all areas in the building and want these to be followed.

All changes and cabling must be documented in FDV web. BI requires documentation for all changes being made, and by who. All changes must happen in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Changes to walls, ceiling and roof must be fireproof and documented by FireSafe. The documentation must be sent to eiendom@bi.no. Any questions related to fireproofing, can be addressed to Fire protection manager Ronny Stålvang.

Constructional changes must be issued to BI, and Real Estate must be contacted for follow-up after the work is done.  

For further information or questions contact Property Manager Stian W. L. Jakobsen: stian.w.jakobsen@bi.no


Every tenant must appoint a floor contact, who is responsible for reporting to BIs fire protection administrator.

The floor contact´s tasks:

  • Wear a high-visibility vest if this is provided.
  • Make sure everyone in their area of responsibility is being evacuated. Remember to check bathrooms etc.
  • Close all windows and doors when leaving.
  • Report to the reception and BI when the area is evacuated. If the fire protection administrator is not available, report to the fire department or the fire protection coordinator at BI.

The floor contact must also:

  • Report to fire marshall or directly to Real Estate about errors related to fire protection in your area, or elsewhere in the building.
  • The floor contact must be available or arrange a deputy.
  • The floor contact must have knowledge of the fire instructions. 
  • Participate at all arranged fire drills.

The building is equipped with a fire sprinkler system. There are firehoses at every floor. It is therefor no need for further installation of fire protection equipment, unless you have gear that requires this.

We recommend tenants to have easy access to first aid kit in their areas. There are defibrillators at the reception. Be aware of the opening hours 07.30-16.00 Monday-Friday.




The BI-building is BI Norwegian Business School´s main quarter with a vision to be a “inspiring room of teaching” for students, employees and tenants.

There are four blocks in the building: A, B, C and D. The foundation BI Norwegian Business School owns blocks A-C. The D-block is a separate legal entity. The entire building is operated and managed by BI´s own department for operations: Real Estate. This means that the landlord will be present at BI and has vested interests in quality and cost-effective operations.

Year of construction 2005
Architect Niels Torp AS
Construction client Avantor ASA
GFA 95.200 sqm
GFA Rental 20.000 sqm