From Angelina Jolie and insect food to H&M and fast fashion, here are some of our most read articles on sustainability and environmental protection.

Why Angelina Jolie can make you eat more insects

Not tempted by a mealworm burger or cricket energy bar? Celebrities can increase our willingness to eat insects, according to a new study.

Does H&M genuinely contribute to a sustainable future?

Despite efforts to become “greener”, the fast-fashion pioneer does not genuinely contribute to a sustainable future. The problem lies within its core operating business model.

Growing older makes you care less about climate protection

Research from BI Norwegian Business School shows that after the age of 45 people care less about protecting the environment.

What seems impossible today becomes the inevitable

Increasing the reuse and recycling of just the four value chains for plastics, steel, aluminum, and concrete can close to halve emissions from these sectors by 2050.


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