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New Year, New Career Path?

Troubled times provide an opportunity to change – something that is much more difficult to do in a stable environment. From a career perspective, troubled times provide opportunities to refocus on what matters the most and to dare making moves that we have long contemplated.

- Emilie Lapointe

BI Business Review

Why heroes are bad leaders

We repeat a mistake in selecting our leaders, by choosing the most convincing and self-confident person rather than the most competent.

- Miha Škerlavaj

BI Business Review

Why Angelina Jolie can make you eat more insects

How can businesses turn a “yuck” into a “yum”? In a recent study, we investigated whether one of the world’s most effective and prevalent marketing strategies might be worth a try.

- Carlos Velasco

BI Business Review

How artificial is artificial intelligence, really?

The societal imagination of AI is fueled by fantasy more than reality. Very few of us are actually informed about the real value chain of AI.

- Gemma Newlands


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