Department of Communication and Culture

We develop and disseminate new knowledge based on communication and cultural challenges of the sustainable future where digitalization is central. We do this by engaging with students, active dialog and collaborations with industry partners, NGOs, leading research institutions and funding agencies.

BI Norwegian Business School registers our scientific publications in the national database Cristin (Current Research Information System In Norway).

Below is a list of the most recent publications. Follow this link to Cristin to make an advanced search.



  • Miguel, Cristina; Lutz, Christoph, Majetić, Filip, Perez Vega, Rodrigo & Sanchez-Razo, Miguel (2023)
    It's not All Shiny and Glamorous: Loneliness and Fear of Missing Out among Digital Nomads
    Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 56, p. 4628-4637.
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  • Cameron, Lindsey; Lamers, Laura, Leicht-Deobald, Ulrich, Lutz, Christoph, Meijerink, Jeroen & Möhlmann, Mareike (2023)
    Algorithmic Management: Its Implications for Information Systems Research
    Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 52, p. 556-574.
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  • Alacovska, Ana; Booth, Peter & Fieseler, Christian (2023)
    A Pharmacological Perspective on Technology-Induced Organised Immaturity: The Care-giving Role of the Arts
    Business Ethics Quarterly, 54(4). Doi: 10.1017/beq.2022.39
  • Bucher, Eliane; Schou, Peter Kalum & Waldkirch, Matthias (2023)
    Just Another Voice in the Crowd? Investigating Digital Voice Formation in the Gig Economy
    Academy of Management Discoveries. Doi: 10.5465/amd.2022.0112
  • Myrvang, Christine (2023)
    Framtidas fortid er nå
    Arbeiderhistorie, 37(1), p. 175-177. Doi: 10.18261/arbeiderhistorie.37.1.13
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