Department of Communication and Culture

We develop and disseminate knowledge based on communication and cultural challenges of the sustainable future where digitalization is central. We do this through engaging with students, dialog, and collaborations with partners.

The course portfolio includes two of BI's undergraduate studies: Creative Industries Management and Digital Communication and Marketing, and one of BI's graduate studies: Master of Science in Digital Communication Management. In addition, the department offers program courses at the Master of Science level and nine programs at the Executive Master of Management.

The department has divided its research into the following centers: #NORA – The Nordic Alliance for Communication and Management , Center for Creative Industries, Nordic Centre for Internet and Society and Center for Innovation in Education.

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Sut I Wong

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Silje Engeseth
Head of Administration

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Our profile

The institute's employees work with overall issues and critical thinking in organizations and society, communication and culture, through research and teaching.

  • We work with both internal and external communication and develop new knowledge and new programs based on the communication challenges of the future where digitalization is central.
  • We work with the importance of culture for individuals and organizations, including cultural leadership, educational leadership and personal development, as well as understanding the importance of cultural differences in different countries and organizations.

Educational and research policy, gender equality and globalization are important issues in both our research and teaching.

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  • Wednesday, 28 September, 2022 - BI

    #NORA Launches 2022 Research Report

    In September The Nordic Alliance for Communication & Management (#NORA) released their 2022 research report. A webinar was also held to discuss and share insights about the report.

Employee interview

Peder Inge Furseth

Professor Peder Inge Furseth conducts research on leadership, innovativeness and digital transformation, in addition to being a lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School.