BI Research Centre

Centre for Creative Industries (BI:CCI)

The Centre for Creative Industries is a research group dedicated to strengthening and promoting research on the creative industries in a Norwegian and international context.

The Centre for Creative Industries aims to promote research within different creative industries, including cultural heritage institutions, gaming, film, music, news media, and more. We emphasize an interdisciplinary approach, which includes social science, economic, and humanistic perspectives, and we have a specific interest in the impact of technologies on the creative industries. 

One of the Centre’s key purposes is to strengthen and highlight research on the Norwegian creative industries in an international context. This is partly achieved through our self-initiated basic research and commissioned research. Through our research and dissemination activities, and by collaborating with its local and international network of partners, the Centre aim to be an important bridge builder between researchers, industry, policy makers, and students in creative industries.

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