BI Research Centre

Center for Creative Industries (BI:CCI)

BI Norwegian Business School has created a Research Centre for the creative industries to promote research and education in Norway.


Anne-Britt Gran

Anne-Britt Gran (Professor and director of the Centre) is educated within the Humanities at the University of Oslo with theatre studies, history of ideas and sociology in her curriculum. Gran has been associated with BI since 1999, during which time she has partaken in development of the Bachelor’s programme in Arts Management that she now leads as Dean. 

Gran has worked at the University of Oslo, NTNU and at Århus University. She has been a theatre critic and commentator for Morgenbladet, and a member of the Norwegian Arts Council’s Commission for performing arts. In 2007 she started the culture analytics company, Perduco Kultur AS, where she was partner and CEO for five years. Gran has researched diverse culture-related topics, including cultural sponsorships, aesthetisation of the economy, theatre organizations, cultural policy, digitization, and digital culture consumption.

Terje Gaustad

Terje Gaustad (Associate Professor) holds a Ph.D. in strategic management from BI Norwegian Business School, his thesis focusing on value creation in the American movie industry. Since 2005 he has been Head of Academics for the movie industry course in Bachelor of Arts Management programme at BI.

He has also led and developed BI’s executive programme in Management of film, TV and stage productions. Between 1999 and 2004, Gaustad worked as researcher at the Centre for Media Economics at BI. He has broad experience from the International movie industry and currently leads Vanquish Alliance Entertainment AG, a Swiss movie finance and production company he co-founded in 2001.

Gillian Warner-Søderholm

Gillian Warner-Søderholm (Associate Professor) is Head of the Department of Communication and Culture at BI Norwegian Business School. She has a doctorate in cross cultural management from Reading University.

Her research interests centre on intercultural communication, culture and organisations and societies, with a focus on Nordic nations. She will be involved in statistical analyses in a number of the center's quantitative research projects. As head of the Department, her role within the centre will also include coordinating research resources.

Irina Eidsvold Tøien

Irina Eidsvold Tøien (Associate Professor) Tøien has recently completed her doctoral theses at the University of Oslo, in the field of intellectual property /copyright: "Creative, Performing Artists." Irina previously worked as legal director for the composer organization TONO, and as an attorney with intellectual property rights as her main focus area.

She has also studied acting at The Academy of Theatre in Oslo (1982-85), and still occasionally works as an actor. Eidsvold Tøien is currently employed as Associate Professor at BI Norwegian Business School, where she teach in Copyright for creative industries and participates in Digitization and Diversity in the film group.

Tor Bang

Tor Bang (associate Professor) is a media scholar with a Ph.D. in political rhetoric. Bang has been working at BI since 1997, first as a lecturer at the Norwegian School of Marketing, then a part of BI Norwegian Business School, where he also led the pedagogic academic team between 2001 and 2005. 

Since the relocation of BI’s campuses to Nydalen in 2005, Bang has worked at BI’s Department for Communication and Culture. He has written and edited a range of books about marketing communication and media, his latest addition being Medieøkonomi: Konflikt og samspill, co-edited with Mona Solvoll and co-written with the media scholars Arne Krumsvik, Jens Barland and Johann Roppen (2014).

Mona Kristin Solvoll

Mona K. Solvoll (Associate Professor) is educated as a media scholar from the University of Oslo, with a Ph.D. from BI Norwegian Business School. Her Ph.D. thesis focused on the organizational changes of NRK Sport as a public broadcaster. 

She has lectured at BI since 2006 in the Bachelor’s programme for PR and market communications and in journalism. Mona has been co-responsible for the BI executive program in Digital Communications Management since 2012. Change within the media industry is her primary area of research. Solvoll recently published the book Medieøkonomi: konflikt og samspill together with BI colleague Tor Bang (2014).

Christian Winther Farstad

Christian Winther Farstad (Ph.D Scholar) holds a bachelor in Arts Management, and a MSc in Organizational Psychology, both from BI Norwegian Business School. Winther Farstad has several years of experience as a lecturer in Arts Management and Organizational psychology at BI, Baratt Due Institute of Music and Gateway College (New York).

Farstad is also a musician, playing the accordion in concerts both in Norway and internationally together with several renowned artists.

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