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The Department of Economics has a faculty whose interests cover major fields in economics, mathematics and statistics/econometrics.

Fall 2022

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Date Time Speaker Affiliation Title
24/08/2022 12:00-13:15  Yoosoon Chang Indiana university The Effects of economic Shocks on Heterogeneous Inflation Expectations
31/08/2022 12:00-13:15  Andreas Fuster Swiss Finance Institute A Diverse Fed Can Reach Underrepresented Groups
7/09/2022 12:00-13:15 Kenichi Shimizu Glasgow Semiparametric Bayesian Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models
14/09/2022 12:00-13:15  Emil Temnyalov UCT Sydney Organizational structure and differential treatment
21/09/2022 12:00-13:15  Etienne Lehmann Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas, CRED (TEPP) How to Tax Different Incomes?
28/09/2022 12:00-13:15 David schonholzer IIES School Capital Expenditure Rules, Student Outcomes, and Real Estate Capitalization (joint work with Barbara Biasi and Julien Lafortune)
05/10/2022 Fall break - - -
19/10/2022 12:00-13:15  Anastasia Girshina Stockholm School of Economics TBA
26/10/2022 12:00-13:15  Clara Martínez-Toledano Imperial college business school TBA
28/10/2022 12:00-13:15  Abel Brodeur University of Ottawa Unpacking P-Hacking and Publication Bias
2/11/2022 12:00-13:15  Neelam Jain City University London TBA
16/11/2022 12:00-13:15  Silvia Sarpietro University of Bologna TBA
23/11/2022 12:00-13:15  Andreas Kotsadam Frisch TBA
30/11/2022 12:00-13:15  Axelle Ferriere Paris School of Economics On the Optimal Design of Transfers and Income-Tax Progressivity
7/12/2022 12:00-13:15  Matthias Doepke Northwestern/LSE TBA


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