Department of Economics

The Department of Economics has a faculty whose interests cover major fields in economics, mathematics and statistics/econometrics.

Spring 2020

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Title
January   JOB MARKET    
February   JOB MARKET    
21/02/2020   Thomas de Haan UiB "Fairness Preferences in the Face of Limited Information"
4/03/2020 12:00-13.15 Scott Baker Northwestern "What Triggers Stock Market Jumps?"
11/03/2020 12:00-13.15 Bertil Tungodden NHH    
"Fairness across the world: Preferences and Beliefs" 
18/03/2020 12:00-13.15 Mario Crucini Vanderbilt University  Presentation through Zoom
25/03/2020 12:00-13.15 Frederica Romei Stockholm School of Economics Presentation through Zoom
1/04/2020 12:00-13.15 Gabriella Santangelo U. Cambridge  Presentation through Zoom
15/04/2020 12:00-13.15 Maria Petrova Pompeu Fabra "Social Media and Xenophobia: Evidence from Russia"
22/04/2020 12:00-13.15 Toni Ahnert  Bank of Canada "Loan Insurance, Market Liquidity, and Lending Standards"
29/04/2020 12:00-13.15 Elias Dinas EUI "Issue Salience and Norm Change in New Democracies"
6/05/2020 12:00-13.15 Ghazala Azmat Sciences Pro Presentation through Zoom
13/05/2020 12:00-13.15 Georges Georgiadis NWU "Optimal Project Design"
20/05/2020 12:00-13.15 Alp Simsek MIT "A Model of Asset Price Spirals and Aggregate Demand Amplication of a Covid-19 Shock"
27/05/2020 12:00-13.15 Nemanja Antic Northwestern Presentation through Zoom
3/06/2020 12:00-13.15 Frederic Schneider Judd Business School Cambridge Cancelled
10/06/2020 18:00-19.15 Cecilie Gaubert  US Berkeley "Place-Based Redistribution"
17/06/2020 12:00-13.15 Øystein Daljord Chicago Booth Presentation through Zoom

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