Department of Economics

The Department of Economics has a faculty whose interests cover major fields in economics, mathematics and statistics/econometrics.

FALL 2021

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Title
25.08.2021 12:00-13:15 (Zoom) Magne Mogstad University of Chicago "How Americans Respond to Idiosyncratic and Exogenous Changes in Household Wealth and Unearned Income"
01.09.2021 12:00-13:15 (Zoom) Martin E. Andresen Statistics Norway "What Causes the Child Penalty? Evidence from Adopting and Same-Sex Couples"
17.09.2021 12:00-13:15 (Zoom) Tommaso Monacelli Bocconi "Bewley Banks"
22.09.2021 15:00-16:15 (Zoom) Eliza Forsythe University of Illinois "Searching, Recalls, and Tightness: An Interim Report on the Covid Labor Market"
29.09.2021 12:00-13:15 (Zoom) Jonas Cederlöf University of Edinburgh "Reconsidering the Cost of Job Loss: Evidence from Redundancies and Mass Layoffs"
06.10.2021 FALL BREAK      
13.10.2021 16:00-17:15 (Zoom) Lones Smith University of Wisconsin "The Comparative Statics of Sorting"
20.10.2021 15:00-16:15 (Zoom) Nina Bobkova Rice University "Local Evidence and Diversity in Minipublics"
27.10.2021 12:00-13:15 (Zoom) Dimitris Korobilis University of Glasgow "A new algorithm for sign restrictions in vector autoregressions"
03.11.2021 12:00-13:15 (Zoom) Quentin Lippmann University of Essex TBA
10.11.2021 15:00-16:15 (Zoom) Gueorgui Kambourov University of Toronto TBA
12.11.2021 12:00-13:15 (Zoom) George Kapetanios Kings College London TBA
17.11.2021 12:00-13:15 (Zoom) Bertil Tungodden NHH TBA
24.11.2021 11:00-12:15 (Zoom) Benjamin Wong Monash University TBA
01.12.2021 15:00-16:15 (Zoom) Lorenzo Lagos Princeton University TBA
08.12.2021 12:00-13:15 (Zoom) Moritz Kuhn University of Bonn TBA

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