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Scientific publications

BI Norwegian Business School's scientific publications are registered in the national database Cristin. (Current Research Information System In Norway).

Publications from Departmenet of Economics

(The publications are continuously updated in Cristin).


  • Stauskas, Ovidijus (2024)
    Cross-section Bootstrap for CCE regressions
    Journal of Econometrics, 240(1). Doi: 10.1016/j.jeconom.2023.105648
  • Schönhage, Nanna Lauritz & Geys, Benny (2024)
    Partisanship, blame avoidance behaviours and voter reactions to allegations of political misconduct
    Electoral Studies: an international journal on voting and electoral systems and strategy, 87. Doi: 10.1016/j.electstud.2023.102742
  • Fiva, Jon H. & Nedregård, Oda (2024)
    How Does Party Discipline Affect Legislative Behavior? Evidence from Within-Term Variation in Lame-Duck Status
    Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 19(2), p. 191-216. Doi: 10.1561/100.00022094
  • Cross, Jamie; Hoogerheide, Lennart, Labonne, Paul & van Dijk, Herman K. (2024)
    Bayesian mode inference for discrete distributions in economics and finance
    Economics Letters, 235. Doi: 10.1016/j.econlet.2024.111579
  • Oglend, Atle; Asche, Frank & Straume, Hans-Martin (2024)
    Rent formation and distortions due to quotas in biological production processes
    Resource and Energy Economics, 77. Doi: 10.1016/j.reseneeco.2024.101438
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Our affiliated research centres

Part of the Department of Economics research activity is organised in individual research centres.


Centre for applied Macro- and petroleum economics (CAMP)

CAMP is established to bring together economists working on applied macroeconomic issues, with special emphasis on energy economics.


Centre for applied and theoretical econometrics (CATE)

Created in March 2016 with the aim of furthering applied and theoretical econometric research.


Centre for Monetary economics (CME)

The Centre for Monetary Economics (CME) is a privately funded resource centre at the Department of Economics, BI Norwegian Business School.


Centre for experimental studies and research (CESAR)

CESAR – provides high quality research and analysis using economic theory and experimental methods.