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Centre for Applied Macroeconomics and Commodity Prices (CAMP)

CAMP is established to bring together economists working on applied macroeconomic issues, with special emphasis on energy economics.


CAMP's objectives are to advance research and postgraduate training in relevant fields. The centre will conduct original and objective research to improve the understanding of macroeconomic issues of resource rich economies, and act as a forum for discussion of policy issues between academia, government and the private sector.


  • CAMP Working Paper 8/2022: Dominant Drivers of National Inflation
  • CAMP Working Paper 7/2022: The effect of rising energy prices amid geopolitical developments and supply disruptions
  • CAMP Working Paper 6/2022: Lost in transition? Earnings losses of displaced petroleum workers
  • CAMP Working Paper 5/2022: Macroeconomic uncertainty and bank lending
  • Conference on “Macroeconomic Implications of Energy Price
    Spurs and Climate Change amid Geopolitical Developments" 18-19 August 2022, BI Norwegian Business School. See program here, and register your attendance here.
  • Professor Hilde C. Bjørnland heads new research project in collaboration with Norwegian, Australian and U.S. researchers. Read more here.

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Hilde Christiane Bjørnland

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Leif Anders Thorsrud

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CAMP has received funding from Equinor, the Research Council of Norway and the Finance Market Fund. These are non-exclusive relationships, and CAMP welcomes support from other sources. Our research is independent of positions taken by any funders.