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Centre for Applied Macroeconomics and Commodity Prices (CAMP)

CAMP is established to bring together economists working on applied macroeconomic issues, with special emphasis on energy economics.

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05/2024 Taylor Rules with Endogenous Regimes
02/2024 NEWS: PhD course: “Introduction to Bayesian Econometrics” With guest lecturer: Professor Dimitris Korobilis
02/2024 Accounting for Individual-Specific Heterogeneity in Intergenerational Income Mobility
01/2024 The Influence of Fiscal and Monetary Policies on the Shape of the Yield Curve
01/2024 Common Trends and Country Specific Heterogeneities in Long-Run World Energy Consumption


12/2023 Business Cycle and Health Dynamics during the COVID-19 Pandemic. A Scandinavian Perspective
12/2023 Risky news and credit market sentiment
10/2023 Fiscal Policy Regimes in Resource-Rich Economies
10/2023 Uncertainty and the Term Structure of Interest Rates
10/2023 Bayesian Mode Inference for Discrete Distributions in Economics and Finance
10/2023 Monetary policy shocks and exchange rate dynamics in small open economies
09/2023 A Bayesian DSGE Approach to Modelling Cryptocurrency
09/2023 The Drivers of Emission Reductions in the European Carbon Market
08/2023 The interplay between monetary and fiscal policy in a small open economy
08/2023 Monitoring multicountry macroeconomic risk
08/2023 Probabilistic Quantile Factor Analysis
06/2023 Where do they care? The ECB in the media and inflation expectations
03/2023 Oil and the Stock Market Revisited: A mixed functional VAR approach
03/2023 Oil Prices Uncertainty, Endogenous Regime Switching, and Inflation Anchoring
02/2023 The Economic Consequences ofEffective Carbon Taxes
01/2023 Dominant Drivers of National Inflation


12/2022 The effect of rising energy prices amid geopolitical developments and supply disruptions
12/2022 Lost in transition? Earnings losses of displaced petroleum workers
12/2022 Macroeconomic uncertainty and bank lending
11/2022 Monetary policy when export revenues drop
09/2022 Local economic development and oil discoveries
08/2022 Oil Windfalls and Regional Economic Performance in Russia
07/2022 FNI Update June – FNI Signals Trouble
03/2022 FNI Update February – FNI around Trend
03/2022 Quantifying supply-side climate policies
01/2022 The household effects of mortgage regulation
01/2022 FNI Update December – FNI Around Trend Again


12/2021 FNI Update November – FNI is Falling
11/2021 The Role of Precautionary and Speculative Demand in the Global Market for Crude Oil
09/2021 The Price Responsiveness of Shale Producers: Evidence From Micro Data
09/2021 FNI Update August – A Negative Development
08/2021 FNI Update July – Slightly Above Trend
07/2021 FNI Upgraded, Updated and at Trend Levels
06/2021 Macroeconomic Forecasting with Large Stochastic Volatility in Mean VARs
06/2021 Quantifying time-varying forecast uncertainty and risk for the real price of oil
06/2021 FNI Update May – Updated Algorithm
03/2021 FNI Update February – FNI Index on Trend
03/2021 Annual Report 2020
03/2021 JITED Best Paper Prize 2020
02/2021 FNI Update January – Decreasing and Below Trend
02/2021 The Inefficient Combination: Competitive Markets, Free Entry, and Democracy
01/2021 OPEC’s Crude Game: Strategic Competition and Regime-switching in Global Oil Markets
01/2021 Do Central Banks Respond to Exchange Rate Movements? A Markov-Switching Structural Investigation of Commodity Exporters and Importers
01/2021 Oil and Fiscal Policy Regimes
01/2021 FNI Update December – Leaving 2020 below trend


12/2020 FNI Update November – Great Uncertainty in the Estimates
12/2020 Climate Risk and Commodity Currencies
11/2020 Time-Varying Trend Models for Forecasting Inflation in Australia
11/2020 FNI Update October – A W-Shaped Recession?
10/2020 News media vs. FRED-MD for macroeconomic forecasting
10/2020 FNI Update September – Continued Low Growth
09/2020 Behavioral changes and policy effects during Covid-19
09/2020 Proper scoring rules for evaluating asymmetry in density forecasting
09/2020 FNI Update August – Growth has Slowed Down
07/2020 Large Time-Varying Volatility Models for Electricity Prices
07/2020 Macroeconomics in the time of the Corona
06/2020 Inflation expectations and the pass-through of oil prices
06/2020 Extra FNI Update: Still well below trend, but improving
05/2020 Extra FNI Update: U, V, or Still Declining?
05/2020 Extra FNI Update: Approaching the Trough
04/2020 Extra FNI Update: Is the Worst Behind us?
04/2020 Extra FNI Update: Lowest level since early 1990s
04/2020 Hvor mye koster koronakrisen? (in Norwegian)
04/2020 FNI Update March – as Serious as During the Financial Crisis
03/2020 Extra FNI Update: The impact of the Corona Crisis
03/2020 The Impact of Monetary Policy on Leading Variables for Financial Stability in Norway
03/2020 FNI Update February – The Business Cycle is Weakening
02/2020 Deadly Variation: The Effect of Temperature Variability on Mortality
02/2020 FNI Update January - Continuing Around Trend
01/2020 FNI Update December – Entering 2020 around Trend
01/2020 Forecasting Energy Commodity Prices: A Large Global Dataset Sparse Approach


12/2019 FNI Update November – The Index is Stabilizing
12/2019 OPEC’s crude game: The supply curve in a dynamic, strategic environment
11/2019 Is Monetary Policy Always Effective? Incomplete Interest Rate Pass-through in a DSGE Model
11/2019 Supply flexibility in the shale patch: Facts, no fiction
11/2019 FNI Update October – The Fall Continues
10/2019 A New Economic Framework: A DSGE Model with Cryptocurrency
10/2019 Narrative monetary policy surprises and the media
10/2019 FNI Update September – Signalling a Contraction
09/2019 FNI Update August – Increased Uncertainty
08/2019 FNI Update July - A Stronger Business Cycle
07/2019 Annual Report 2018
07/2019 FNI Update June – Growth Above Trend
06/2019 On the use of machine learning for causal inference in climate economics
06/2019 Changing supply elasticities and regional housing booms
06/2019 FNI Update May – The Business Cycle is around Trend
05/2019 News-driven inflation expectations and information rigidities
05/2019 New Kid on the Block? China vs the US in World Oil Markets
05/2019 CAMP and CAMA Conference on Climate, Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy
05/2019 FNI Update April - A Stable Economy
04/2019 FNI Update March – Unchanged Economic Outlook
03/2019 FNI Update February – Stable Economic Outlook
02/2019 Multivariate Bayesian Predictive Synthesis in Macroeconomic Forecasting
02/2019 FNI Update January - A Weaker Business Cycle
01/2019 FNI Update December – An economic slowdown?


12/2018 Growth with Age-Dependent Preferences
12/2018 Mind the gap! Stylized dynamic facts and structural models
12/2018 International Transmission of Macroeconomic Uncertainty in Small Open Economies: An Empirical Approach
12/2018 On the China factor in international oil markets: A regime switching approach
12/2018 A composite likelihood approach for dynamic structural models
12/2018 FNI Update November – The index remains stable through the month
11/2018 State Space Models with Endogenous Regime Switching
11/2018 FNI Update October – Is the business cycle turning?
10/2018 The Shale Oil Boom and the U.S Economy Spillovers and Time Varying Effects
10/2018 Welcome