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BI Norwegian Business School registers our scientific publications in the national database Cristin (Current Research Information System In Norway).

Below is a list of the most recent publications. Follow this link to Cristin to make an advanced search.



  • Veflen, Nina Jeanette & Bánáti, Diána (2023)
    Ethics in Food Safety Management
  • Veflen, Nina Jeanette; Andersen, Veslemøy Eva Margrethe & Lelieveld, Huub (2023)
    Misinformation about food safety
  • Howe, Lauren; Shepherd, Steven, Warren, Nathan, Mercurio, Kathryn & Campbell, Troy H. (2023)
    Expressing Dual Concern in Criticism for Wrongdoing: The Persuasive Power of Criticizing with Care
    Journal of Business Ethics. Doi: 10.1007/s10551-023-05475-0
  • Edelblum, Andrew B. & Warren, Nathan (2023)
    Real men don’t share (online): perceived neediness and the frequent-posting femininity stereotype
    European Journal of Marketing. Doi: 10.1108/EJM-12-2022-0883
  • Tran, Huy; Veflen, Nina, Reinoso-Carvalho, Felipe, Tabassum, Farhana & Velasco, Carlos (2023)
    Seasonal multisensory eating experiences in Norway and Colombia
    Food Quality and Preference, 109. Doi: 10.1016/j.foodqual.2023.104873
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