Internship and job opportunities

Finding jobs in Scandinavia: BI Bergen graduates perspective

In this post, we are going to observe the story of two international students who are graduated in 2021. After talking to them about their experiences and finding jobs in Scandinavia, here are their stories:

Always choosing a university is challenging!
One of the best ways to select a university is to find out the reputation of university’s professors, ranking, etc. But perhaps the most significant measure for any prospective student can be the voice and success of BI’s graduated students. In this post, we are going to observe the story of two international students. They graduated in 2021 from the Bergen campus. After talking to them about their experiences and finding jobs in Scandinavia. Here are their stories:

Huong from Vietnam
(Junior Project Manager at Electrolux)

Huong is from Vietnam and graduated with an MSc in Business, major in leadership and change recently from BI. After her graduation, she started to work as a junior project manager at the world's second-largest appliance maker. Electrolux, in Sweden.

BI’s Role in Her Career Journey

During the meeting with Huong, she emphasized BI’s role and contribution to her success. She mentioned that BI helped to get an internship in the third semester. But also during her job hunt. For instance, BI’s career advisor assisted her by reviewing her CV and cover letter. They gave her some critical interview tips beforehand. Moreover, BI presented “Internship Employability course” and numerous jobs and internship opportunities on BI’s career portal.


Huong also participated in an 8-week internship program at Wilhelmsen Ships Services as a business transformation intern. She had the responsibility to test and help set up the company’s application. Analyze data, and develop new ideas with the aim to improve productivity. “While exchange programs elevate students' personal growth and boost their skills for life. Working as an intern helps to use your knowledge in practice in addition to its professional advantages” she stated.

Effect of BI Educational Curriculum

Huong’s shared her idea about the relativeness and relation between the courses she took at BI and her professional work. “BI has a very good and practical curriculum.” As an example, she pointed to one of her courses in “Change Management”. That discusses how people in a business resist change and how this issue shall be managed.

What she would change

She wished that it would be a great chance if she could obtain up-to-date certificates. Which would certainly impact her career life positively. Fortunately, BI recently introduced Excel essentials, Power BI, Power pivot & DAX, and other self-paced courses both in Norwegian and English.

Tenorio from Mexico
(Finance Controller at Sandland Holding AS)


Portrait of Tenorio
Another successful student is Tenorio. He graduated with an MSc in Business, major in leadership and change recently from Bergen Campus. He is from Mexico and works as a Finance Controller at Sandland Holding AS. He is in charge of budget forecasting, profitability in the company's projects, and looking for and apply efficiency projects.

BI’s Role in His Career Journey

His experience underscored the role of BI in finding his current position. “As a matter of fact, one of the staff at BI arranged my interview with my current company,” Tenorio added. The career advisor office at BI reviewed his cover letter. Provided some guidelines regarding CV, determined interests, then helped find a vacant position. On top of that Tenorio is of the opinion that BI is a famous business school with great prestige. Due to the high quality in many aspects including professors and programs which catch every employer's eye. He also declared that “I would say it can be an advantage. Because, in the first step, you as a BI student are more attractive, standing out from the other candidates. Then the rest depends 100% on you.”


Tenorio also had an internship experience in Copenhagen. He said that “I worked for five months at Roche. A pharmaceutical company, focusing on research and development responsible for overseeing the financial budget in different projects and investment. “

Effect of BI Educational Curriculum

For Tenorio one of the most important indications that BI has a high educational quality is that courses are practical. Also, useful, and provide all the skills and knowledge that companies are looking for. “BI prepares a student to experience the best type of transition from school to professional-working life,” said Tenorio.
Tenorio and Huong believe that BI is an effective bridge between a rapidly evolving education system and the industry. The close relation between BI and the job market makes everything easier for the students. By having a safe and exciting professional journey in front of them.