Student life at BI


Graduation day where students from across the globe shine.

Written by: Pham Thu Ha

The graduation day for Master students is always full of happiness, pride, and expectations. As a second-year student, attending this event inspired me to work hard. Not only to take part in a great graduation ceremony in the future. But also to deserve the privilege of earning a Master degree from Norway’s only triple-accredited business school.

Like many other international students. I used to wonder whether Norway and BI are the right choices to boost my future career. Norway is well-known for being one of the happiest countries. But why?

More than one year living here, I was surely impressed by Norway’s beautiful fjords and mountains. The attractive job market with the low unemployment rate, as well as great social welfare. However, I personally believe that the secret of this country’s happiness lies in a transparent society. That is built on trust and equality. In Norway, every student will be given equal opportunities to learn, to develop, and to shine.

During the ceremony, President Inge Jan Henjesand said:
“It is with great pleasure to announce that we [BI] this year have not only one. But two overall best students. It is also with pride I can reveal it is two women. There is no doubt that we need strong female leaders in the years to come. They have both completed an internship programme during their studies and both are international students. A brilliant proof of BI being a truly international business school”.

Each MSc programme also named a best student… and for the English-language MSc programmes, they were all international students. Seeing students from around the world coming to BI and being successful, I am more confident about my decision. However, I also understand that even though BI prepares the knowledge-based ticket to the future for me. It is my responsibility to take it and use it.

MSc in Business graduate, Maggie Yang, who hails from Australia, ended her graduate address with the following advice:
"We need to grab luck, realize it when we have it. And be the lucky factor for the others around us".

Let’s utilize our time and training at BI to bring luck and make a positive impact wherever we go!

MSc Graduation Awards 2018: The best student of each programme

  • MSc in Business: Lorelei Wong from Canada
  • MSc in Finance: Oleh Korop from Ukraine
  • MSc in Leadership and Organizational Psychology: Yooeun Jeong from the Republic of Korea
  • MSc in Strategic Marketing Management: Priska Natri from Finland
  • MSc in Accounting and Auditing: Linn Tabita Johansen from Norway