Student life at BI

How to setup your unfurnished room in student housing to make it your dream place

Getting an unfurnished room can be both a challenge and an opportunity. Opening the door and only seeing a wardrobe (that’s usually the only thing you would get in there) is daunting. I feel you. I’ve been there.

Name: Mary
Full name: Mariia Mazepa
Home country: Ukraine
Bachelor degree: Finance and credit
Previous University: National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Current study programme at BI: MSc in Strategic Marketing Management

Let’s be honest – Norway is quite expensive. But it’s 100% possible to turn your room into a dream place even with a low budget! Here are some tips.


1.    Finn.no is your best friend 🙌

Finn.no is a marketplace where people sell their stuff and often give it away for free! It has many filters. You can also check out the things you’re interested in on the map view to see what’s nearby. The “gis bort” section shows items that are given away for free.

I’ve gotten my bed and desk for free, as well as a bedside table and a lamp. You can always text a person who sells/gives away an item in case you need it delivered. There is a good chance people will be happy to deliver it for some extra fee. For example, I’ve paid 500 NOK for getting a bed delivered, and 200 NOK for a desk.


2.    Pick up stuff directly from your neighbors!

Very often your fellow students need to get rid of their furniture. Especially when the semester ends and they need to move out and free up their room. Subscribe on your student housing Facebook page – people who live there usually post things they’re selling or giving away. You can also post what you are looking for yourself. You can get lucky if someone has what you need and is willing to give it!

I won’t speak for everyone. But in the student housing I’m living in, people just put things they don’t need in the hall. Walking out of your room could bring some good findings. I’ve got a bunch of dishes and a chair for free this way 😁


3.     Check out IKEA, Jysk, and M&E second hand

There are free buses that can take you to IKEA so don’t miss this opportunity! You can find a lot of cheap furniture and decorations there, as well as in Jysk. M&E second hand is a great second-hand store that usually has kitchen utensils, furniture, books, antiques, etc.


Hope these tips will help you make your room look exactly the way you want! Having it with no furniture only means that you are the one to decide how to fill in your place ❤️