Student life at BI

Life in SIO Student Housing

Are you thinking about studying in Norway but are worried that you may end up homeless due to skyrocketing rent? Relax! As a student, our life is convenient and not that expensive.

Full Name: Hau Hai Nguyen
Home Country: Vietnam
Current programme at BI: MSc in Business – Major in Supply Chain and Operations Management

Before I came to Norway, where to live had always been one of my top concerns. I wanted to spend my most memorable time somewhere that offers both urban life and scenic surroundings. Fortunately, there are several cost-effective options that could give me the perfect mix of those two.

I’ve been in Sogn Student Village of SiO for just over four months. Here are 3 things I love most about living here.

Convenient Life

My accommodation is a shared student flat with the rent of just nearly 4000kr per month. Normally, the rent ranges from 3500kr to 8000kr depending on how many people you share the kitchen and bathroom with. Although being affordable, the housing is of a very high standard.

In Sogn Student Village, I have access to everything I need. I have a furnished private bedroom and a fully equipped kitchen. The laundries, supermarket and study room are also available in the area. In addition, I can get anywhere easily with multiple kinds of transportation. A ten-minute walk can lead to Athletica Domus – the largest student gym in Oslo.

Beautiful Nature

Sogn Student Village is located in tranquil and splendid surroundings. You can hardly hear the noise from the road or the metro, and between buildings is very much green space. Living areas in Oslo, seem to be designed this way as Norwegians really value harmony with a touch of nature. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, I do not need to go very far. Just sitting on the grass near my building, reading a book, and getting some healing from the sun. Or I can simply stay indoors and watch the sunrise shining on the snow in cold winter.


It's also worth mentioning, Sogn. If you want to take a stroll around or go skiing, then this place is perfect for that. Sogn is just a stone's throw away from Nordmarka forest and Sognsvann lake - one of Oslo's mot popular lakes.

Be As Social As You Want

Living in a shared flat gives me the chance to make friends with other international and Norwegian students. We have people from many parts of the world in one flat, which made me a bit shy at first. However, that feeling just disappeared after a few weeks. It turned out to be very fun living with others, understanding more about their cultures and cuisine. SiO – my housing provider – has also hosted many events such as concerts, quiz evenings, free trips and Christmas nights. This to encourage all tenants to know more about each other.

My favorite thing is that we all have our private bedroom. We can be as social as we want, but we can always retreat to our room if we want some privacy. 


Four months living in Norway really changed my lifestyle. I used to be stuck in a rat race, trudging through the daily grind of a workday feeling uninspired. And here is where I found my balance. Life is slower and more relaxed. I have learnt to savor the little things and appreciate nature, opportunities and the warmth of new friendships. It has not always been easy, but life rarely is. I wish you could grasp the chance to make the most of the experience that this amazing place has to offer.