Student life at BI

Living at SiO’s Kringsjå Student Housing

Kringsjå is an amazing place to live. I immediately sensed the feeling of community and togetherness while living in that space as everyone is so kind and welcoming.

Name: Nicola Msuku    
Home Country: Tanzania
Current study programme at BI: Bachelor in Data Science for Business
Campus: Oslo

Initially I wasn’t sure about the place location wise, and I really did not know what to expect but I was excited nonetheless after I had heard about all its great qualities. Seeing Kringsjå for the first time that day I arrived, I was amazed by how big the housing is: it is basically an entire village in and of itself. There are many buildings where students and families live, two kindergartens, a Kiwi grocery shop, an Athletica gym and much more. I immediately sensed the feeling of community and togetherness while living in that space as everyone is so kind and welcoming. 

Kringsjaa student housing

My room

My room was unfurnished with my own bathroom and a shared kitchen. At first, I was unsure what I needed to buy for the kitchen, and I wasn’t sure what would be for sharing and what wouldn’t. Luckily for me, I lived with roommates where we were able to share most things such as plates, utensils and pots. The kitchen area is very big so there is never a time when I feel crowded or that I don’t have enough space. 

The unfurnished room part was a bit stressful for me, but I found it encouraging to have the freedom to decorate my room in my own style. It was really fun to go to Ikea and other places to get to know what I would like and use that creativity to make my room more personal to me.

Student room at Kringsjaa

Close to nature

One of my favorite things about Kringsjå and what makes it so lovable is how close and connected it is to nature. Living right by the lake (called Sognsvann), it is so easy to go on hikes, walks and even have BBQ’s with friends all while enjoying the beautiful scenery throughout all the seasons of the year. 

During the warmer months you will see families and people of all ages taking a swim, barbequing hotdogs, and enjoying the good weather. It is such a comfortable place to be with all the fun activities and relaxing atmosphere whether you go alone or with good company. 

In the colder months, the lake freezes over and then you will find everyone coming together to ski or ice skate or simply to just walk over the frozen lake. No matter what the season is, it is always a good idea to spend some time there and feel more connected to mother nature. 

If you’re lucky you can also see the Northern Lights from the lake, which just makes living at Kringsjå even more special!


Community Feeling

Since Kringsjå is located away from the loud noise and hustle of the city center, it is far more peaceful and quieter to live there, and you gain a stronger sense of community with those around you. The student village offers a range of activities and events that can be enjoyed together such as the lighting of the Christmas tree.

Everyone enjoys the free flea markets where you can donate your furniture and other items and/or pick up something you like completely for free. Many people make use of these secondhand markets as it is a good way for students moving out to get rid of things they no longer need while people moving in can get them for free - all the while both helping the environment and the student community at large.

I couldn’t have asked for a better place to move into than Kringsjå as my student housing. It brought me so much comfort to live there and as someone who really enjoys taking walks outside and being close to nature, it was the perfect location for me.

People outside in the park