Student life at BI

Tips for Master's Students Life at BI

Hello! My name is Gavkharoy, and I am from Uzbekistan. I got my bachelor’s degree at Sejong University in South Korea. I moved to Norway last August to pursue a Master of Science in Finance here at BI Norwegian Business School.

Name: Gavkharoy Juraeva
Home country: Uzbekistan
Programme: MSc in Finance
Previous University: Sejong University (South Korea)

Before coming, I checked the syllabuses of all subjects. I approximately knew what would be required from me during the first semester. Also, I could take some online courses to prepare myself. Actually, the school website is very well organized in my point of view. It helped me a lot to prepare myself before moving.

Even though I knew it will be a lot to do during the semester. I did not know that it would be so much! So, I decided to make a list of tips to share how I am managing it all. I hope it will be helpful to you too. 

1. Organization is key!

(1) Time wise: Planning my day hourly in advance and allocating the workload throughout the week. It helps me to balance the workload. 

Moreover, putting assignment deadlines, group meetings, exam days. Also, drop-in sessions, professor’s office hours in my calendar. It helps me to work more smoothly not wasting both time and energy.

(2) Material wise: It is essential to keep notes and all study materials organized. It will pay off during the final exams.


2. Study with a partner.

Sharing learning procedures with a partner helps to stay motivated. Together we push each other to learn more. I personally wouldn’t be able to make it unless I studied with my friends. They can explain the parts I can’t understand. Honestly, we are learning more. study.jpg

3. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Not only the person next to you but anyone. Professors, teacher assistants, your classmates. If you doubt, at least ten more people in the class will have same doubts. The phrase I use the most here at BI is. ‘I know it is a stupid question, but I need to ask…’ and, trust me. Literally every time I got the answer like: ‘There is no stupid question…’. And literally everyone was happy to help me.


4. Last but not least: control your stress level!

In the beginning, you may feel like the sky is falling on you, but it won’t. What is required from you is to put yourself together every single morning. And to do your job. The rest will be fine.


Following the abovementioned. I am managing my studies in Finance, in one of the hardest programs at BI. I really hope it will help you too.


With best regards,