Student life at BI

Why you should choose to get your master's degree at Campus Bergen!

Campus Bergen offers 2 master’s programmes taught entirely in English: the MSc in Business – major in Finance and the MSc in Leadership and Organizational Psychology. Bergen is located on the west coast of Norway and gives students an opportunity to experience the Norwegian lifestyle in a picturesque, student city. Here are my main reasons for why you should consider coming to Bergen to study your master’s.

Student: Yuuki Nakamura
Citizenship: Thailand
Programme: MSc in Business – major in Finance
Campus: Bergen

Campus Bergen

  • Campus Bergen has new and modern facilities (Bloomberg, the smart board, etc.) which are convenient for both professors and students. We also have a lot of study areas where we have our own master group rooms to discuss the group assignments. Also, as we plan more student activities for the school year, we will have a bustling student environment where students can develop their soft skills such as innovative thinking skills. 
  • BI is located at the convenient location where we can walk to the city center and is near many businesses.
  • I like the canteen food very much. 



Student life

  • There are many options of dormitory/residences where we can choose to be near the campus (walking distance) with affordable prices.
  • Most of the students, when classes are over, go straight to study together. I find that BI creates a supportive environment where students motivate students to study.
  • This is especially for the Thai student community; In Bergen, the Thai student community is very strong. Since we have many universities around, I became friends with other Thai students who study at UIB and NHH.




Academic environment

  • BI’s alumni are accredited and make a good reputation in their career (regardless of the campus). When I attended the career fair, I talked with a lot of people who are BI’s alumni and I felt more connected to them and inspired.
  • I think that professors recognize individual students, for instance, Nataliya (Gerasimova) can remember every student’s name in her class (I also think that other professors are able to remember our names as well). We have a lot of discussion in the classroom where students are engaged, and we can express our opinion without feeling intimidated (which we would feel in a big class). We also feel welcome to ask questions in the professors’ office hours. The administration staff is also very supportive. 
  • Our professors come from various countries which also bring diversity to the campus and BI Bergen is not dominated by any specific culture. We feel more open to discuss and respect each other. Our professors are competent in teaching. Most of them have several years of teaching experience and/or have real work experiences in relevant industries.