Why choose BI?

Education for the future job market

Choose an education that makes you competitive in the job market

We work closely with the business community and work continuously to adapt to tomorrow's competence needs. For us, it is important that the educations we offer are relevant and attractive to both you as a student, your future employer and society in general. It is a responsibility we take seriously and is a central part of our strategy. Many of our courses and studies are also directly aimed at specific industries, roles and / or needs that the business community demands, and we have a high focus on adapting global perspectives in our curriculum to make sure your competence can be used across borders.  

Problem solving and networking in the classroom  

In class, you will, among other things, work on solving real world challenges that business and society faces. In addition, companies and organizations are invited into the classrooms to give presentations and lectures, and BI organizes countless events with the aim of connecting students and the business community. During your studies, you will form valuable networks you can rely on as you build your career, and first and foremost, your fellow students will be important contacts to add to your future network. Proper use of networking can increase your chances of success. 

Get inspired by former students

"I feel equipped with the necessary key skills and toolbox to drive changes in the energy sector".

Amanda Achije
Position: Senior Field Engineer
Executive Master of Management in Energy

"Witnessing the growth of our clients is definitely the most rewarding part of my job. Seeing clients we have had for years grow and do larger and better projects is very satisfying".   

Faraz Seyedi
Position: Analyst
MSc in Business - Major in Finance

Studying gives you the tools and knowledge to develop the skills that will one day become your livelihood. Here you can read more about what kind of jobs our students have acquired with a degree from BI:

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Other reasons to choose BI

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number 2

2. Academic excellence

The definition of what a "good professor" represents, depends on who you ask and the subject.

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number 4

4. World-class research

BI has one of Europe's most productive research environments in business, management and marketing. We work hard to be the best in the subjects we teach.