The Organisation

The BI Senate

The BI Senate is the highest decision-making body on academic matters, based on a delegation of authority from the Board. The Senate determines the content of education offered by BI, rules and regulations for admission, exemptions, exams, examination results and required competence level for faculty. The Senate makes recommendations to the President related to the appointment of faculty. The Senate has 15 members, two deputy representatives and two deans as observeres.

  • President

    Inge Jan Henjesand

  • Provost, Professor

    Dag Morten Dalen

    Academic Programmes Department of Economics
  • Provost, Professor

    Ulf Henning Olsson

    Research and Academic Resources Department of Economics
  • Associate Professor

    Kjell Jørgensen

    Department of Finance
  • Dean Master, Associate Professor

    Janicke Rasmussen

    Academic Programmes, Department of Accounting, Auditing and Business Analytics Department of Accounting, Auditing and Business Analytics
  • Dean Executive, Professor

    Ragnhild Silkoset

    Academic Programmes, Department of Marketing Department of Marketing
  • Dean PHD, Professor

    Øyvind Norli

    Research and Academic Resources Staff Department of Finance
  • Professor Chair

    Ragnhild Kvålshaugen

    Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Professor

    Christian Brinch

    Department of Economics
  • Student Coordinator

    Andreas Bilberg

    Executive Bachelor Course Delivery Bachelor of Management - BI Executive
  • Head of Department, Professor

    Richard Priestley

    Department of Finance
  • Associate Professor

    Anders Mikelsen

    Department of Law and Governance Department of Law
  • Associate Professor

    Gina Bråthen

    Department of Law and Governance Department of Law
  • Student Representative SBIO

    Åsne Dale

    Student Representative SBIO
  • Student Representative BIS

    Martine Ramstad Høge

    Student Representative BIS
  • Student Representative Executive

    Inger Synnøve Dekko

    Student Representative Executive
  • Professor

    Kim van Oorschot

    Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
  • Director

    Anne Berit Swanberg