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Internships and BI Internships

You can post both «regular» internship positions and BI Internship positions on the BI Career Portal. BI Internship is a credit-giving course and that is why it is not expected from the company to pay the intern. However, regular internships that are not offered as part of the BI Internship course, should be paid.

By either offering regular internships or BI Internship positions you can team up with competent students that wish to use what they have learned at school in a real world context. Other advantages are:

  • Getting visible in the student community – employer branding
  • Creating an arena for mutual learning
  • Receiving added value by getting help to solve specific challenges and problems

How can my company get in touch with BI Internship students?

Companies that wish to offer a BI Internship position are welcome to get in touch with the BI Internship team on