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BI Internship

By offering internship positions you can team up with competent students that wish to use what they have learned at school in a real world context.

BI Internship Bachelor

BI Internship is a credit-bearing course. Students work unpaid part-time over a period of 240 hours during one semester.

In addition, they attend four academic gatherings at BI and submit a written term paper + an oral exam.

What is required of the company? 
Companies wanting to participate need to show a willingness for mutual learning and development. In order to participate as partners in the BI Internship course, companies must fulfil certain requirements:

  • Established company - which means minimum 3 operative years, 5 employees and 5 million in revenues
  • Not a sole proprietorship
  • Companies have to be located in Norway
  • A contact person must be appointed to follow up with the student and to facilitate dialogue with BI
  • Sign the Learning Contract (pdf)
  • The student is granted a free day on the four academic sessions at BI
  • Sign the "end of internship" confirmation (pdf)

If you have doubts about fulfilling the requirements, please get in touch with BI's Internship team by sending an e-mail to The BI Internship team can also help with the following questions:

  • When and how to publish a BI Internship position on the BI Career Portal?
  • How to effectively follow-up an intern?
  • How to ensure a successful internship?

We recommend the company contact person to attend the Kick-Off event prior to the internship in order to get acquainted with the course structure and to build relations with the students and BI. We further encourage the contact person to arrange regular feedback meetings with the student.

What is required of the student? 
Students who chose a BI Internship as an elective have to get in touch with a company themselves, fill in the learning contract and then apply for admission to the course to the BI Internship team. We recommend that students keep an eye on the BI Career Portal since many companies publish relevant BI Internship positions there. But students can also be proactive contacting companies that have not published any position on the BI Career Portal.

In order to apply to the BI Internship course students need to have a GPA of C or better and adequate study progression.

What are typical tasks?
The tasks are defined by what the company needs and the student's competence. Examples can be: Market analyses, strategy development, customer follow-up, reporting, analyses, recruiting and accounting.

Should the student be paid for working at the company?
BI Internship is a credit-bearing course and the company is not allowed to pay the student.

The following programmes offer a BI Internship as an elective: (some are taught in Norwegian only)

Programme When  Exam
Business Administration (BBA) 6th semester/spring Spring
Økonomi og ledelse (siviløkonom) 4th semester/spring Spring
Økonomi og forretningsjus 5th semester/autumn  Autumn
Entreprenørskap og økonomi  5th semester/autumn  Autumn
Finans  5th semester/autumn  Autumn
Creative Industries Management 5th semester/autumn  Autumn
Markedsføringsledelse  5th semester/autumn  Autumn
PR og Markedskommunikasjon  5th semester/autumn  Autumn
Retail Management  5th semester/autumn  Autumn
Økonomi og administrasjon 5th semester/autumn  Autumn
Eiendomsmegling 5th semester/autumn Autumn