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Learn about the benefits you can gain from studying Marketing at BI.

Do you want to understand what makes consumers tick, and how to make products and services available that the public want and need? Acquire the knowledge you need to understand, shape, and build companies and the world of tomorrow.

Just as no man is an island, Marketing is not an isolated field that just focuses on click bait, sales, and revenue. Marketing is about human behaviour, decision making, and economic growth at all scales and levels. Studying Marketing at BI will help you get advanced skills by combining it with key elements from Economics, Business, and Finance. In dealing with international businesses, it is also important to understand how culture, language, and customs influence consumers and markets. Marketing creates value for businesses, organisations, and society as a whole through the exchange of products and services. At BI we provide knowledge, skills, and introduce tools that are essential throughout the value chain.  


As in all other fields, technology and innovation are leading the way, giving endless opportunities but also challenging the way marketers operate. To navigate successfully through this ever-changing landscape is more complex than ever. Consumers are not as loyal as they used to be. They are more informed, and they demand quality products and easy and effective services. Just look at Snapchat. After they redesigned their services in early 2018, consumers have turned their backs on it. Businesses experience a decrease in Snapchat viewings, and they are left in the dark. Risk and uncertainty are becoming a bigger part of everyday life for marketers. Anything can change overnight.

If you want to work within marketing, you need to understand how social media plays its part. Social media is present in the whole value chain. It informs, it markets, it sells, and it evaluates. A whole new group of professionals and businesses are being targeted, whether they like it or not. Physicians are now being rated, for example. Even though your company is not on social media, the consumers are, and if you don’t show up and communicate with them, you will leave your reputation in the hands of the consumer.

Marketers are swimming in buzzwords such as native marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, unicorn marketing, SEO, gamification, geofencing – it is endless. We need to educate a new breed of marketers who can see past the buzzwords, and who are able to understand what it all really means. If marketers do this right, they can build their brand and revenue at a faster pace than ever before.

We make sure that our teaching is relevant and updated. We want to educate responsible, insightful candidates who know how to combine data, technology, innovation, and social media to make products and services that customers both want and need.


The Department of Marketing’s vision is to educate market-oriented leaders for the modern economy. It is one of the largest academic communities in Europe within the field, and focuses on quality, relevance and research-driven teaching in all programmes.

"Good marketing contributes to economic growth and international competitiveness, and therefore ensures the development of new jobs. Knowledge about marketing is absolutely necessary for society. "

Lars Olsen

Professor – Department of Marketing

"My role is to make sure that students get hungry, updated, and solution-oriented for what they will meet after graduating. At the same time, I also need to be on top of what businesses, and everyone who operates in a market, need to know and understand, in order to survive in a market that’s all about being chosen. That’s a challenge! "

Bendik Samuelsen

Professor/Head of Department – Department of Marketing

Career opportunities

In this programme you will learn about leadership as well as marketing, and with the degree you get, you will be able to work in a wide range of businesses and industries. There is really no area that won’t benefit from this expertise. In marketing you might pursue the market more than the position, so you should choose an area that interests you. Here are a few examples of positions our former students have obtained:

  • Head of Integrated Communication - Mercedes-Benz
  • Category Trade Manager - Mondelez International
  • Brand Manager - Stabburet
  • Marketing Coordinator - Silicon Laboratories
  • Project Manager - Microsoft Norway
  • Market Analyst - Verdens Gang AS (VG)


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