Master programme

Cultural understanding in an international context

Learn about the management and security perspective for international operations.


This programme provides you with understanding of the communication complexity in the cultural context that you face in international or multinational operations. The education consists of a case-based approach and action learning. You will gain insight into the mechanism behind negotiation techniques in security management. Good management and negotiation skills in conflict resolution across cultures is in focus. The programme also examines ethical dilemmas in international operations with freedom of speech across cultures as an example. The understanding of our own role in a team will also be highlighted. One of the three gatherings will take place in Rome: In an international and multicultural environment in Italy, we will discuss culture, security and management perspectives on topics such as the refugee crisis in Europe and challenges in the Middle East and North Africa.

Subject overview 

  • Globalisation, urbanisation and technology development – factors that change the need for crisis preparedness and response 
  • New preconditions for crisis preparedness and response - potential improvements through new technology and more data
  • The most important logistics - how to organise and streamline supply chains
  • Who does what – increased demand for collaboration and coordination 
  • Preparedness abroad and at home – challenges, principles, resources, systems and tools

"As a marine insurance company, Norwegian Hull Club sells trust. We work to establish long-term relationships with customers and partners across the globe. In order to succeed, we must understand how cultural impact and cultural contexts influence negotiations. There is rarely just one right answer for how to behave in such settings, but this course has increased my cultural intelligence and taught me how to ask the righ questions to benefit both myself and my employer."

Bernt Thoresen

Senior Claims Handler & Adjuster, Head of Kristiansand Office, Norwegian Hull Club


Rikke Cecilie Keim
Student coordinator
Telephone: +47 464 10 121


Gillian Warner-Søderholm

Gillian Warner-Søderholm is an Associate Professor in the Department Department of Communication and Culture.

Practical information

Start date

Oslo: 29. August 2018


1. module: 29.08 - 31.08
2. module: 26.09 - 28.09
3. module: 07.11 - 09.11

Home exam 48 hours: 22.10 - 24.10
Handin project: 03.12


The programme consists of three sessions, two of which will be held in Oslo. The last session is a study trip to Rome.


48-hour home examination and project assignment.

Admission requirements

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