Master programme

Cyber Security for Leaders

BI and NTNU have signed an agreement about collaboration to educate Norwegian leaders in cyber security. Given that there is an increasing interest in company data – either to steal, blackmail or to harm, BI and NTNU want to get cyber security higher on the agenda by giving managers the expertise they need.


About the programme

The Background for this programme is that Norwegian companies lose billions of NOK each year on cyberattacks. According to the Norwegian Government, maintaining cyber threats is primarily a business responsibility where the business manager is responsible for conducting the necessary risk assessments and take adequate measures.

Digitization is one of the highest political priorities in many countries. In Norway, digitization is seen as part of the strategy to overcome challenges of our wide geographic distribution by inclusion of all citizen with equal access to services throughout whole Norway.

The political push towards digitization for citizens, businesses and public services must be accompanied with precautions and strategies to create resilience against threats and attacks in cyberspace. Resilience means to protect your system, detect malware at the earliest possible occasion, and respond to incidents so that normal operation can be continued as soon as possible after a breach. In short, follow the principle “Protect, Detect and Respond” is the globally new paradigm to address the cybersecurity challenge.

A high degree of resilience can be achieved via aware decision makers, deep and sound risk analysis, and teams that can balance the trade-off between business impact, risk and useless overprotection.

Moreover, the professional management and implementation of organizational and technical cyber security innovations involves managing across multiple stakeholders and networks. In short, cyber security leaders need to support such strategies and to master balancing processes, by advising society and decision makers.

In this course you will learn to;

  • To protect prosperity and digital assets of Norway for taking best advantages of the digital transformation

  • Communicate effectively with management, representatives of IT-department, and any other involved stakeholders

  • Understand resilience by applying the principle “protect, detect and respond”

  • Develop and evaluate business continuity, disaster recovery and incident response plans

"Addressee specific teaching of solid and up-to-date cyber security is essential for gaining risk-adopted benefits of digitization advantages. Become a cybersecurity aware leader"

Bernhard Hämmerli

Professor, NTNU

"The course will provide a foundation for effectuating cyber security within your organization"

Nils-Otto Ørjasæter

Associate Professor

Practical information


Nils-Otto Ørjasæter is an Associate Professor in the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Bernhard Hämmerli is a Professor in the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology (NTNU). 


Start date

Oslo: spring 2021