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Global Business

This specialisation is now integrated in one Executive MBA. Read more on the EMBA main pages.

The business world is global, and the BI Executive MBA programme helps to create global leaders. The Global Business track focuses on international management, strategy and macroeconomics. You will learn about European regulations and South America, and the business link between the continents. You will also be exposed to Asian business culture.

This track will take you to IE Business School, located in the heart of the financial district in Madrid. Another module takes place in Shanghai, China. Each class will be taught by local professors.


Topics in the Global BUSINESS Track 

  • Business in a Global Context

  • Global Business in Asia: A Focus on China

  • Regional Business Contexts: EU and Latin America

  • Creating Value through Global Organizations

Core courses
Consultancy project and Personal Development Programme are common for all specialisations.

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Global business special courses

Business in a Global Context (subject to change)
This course focuses on the global business context and business decisions that are unique to cross-border business activities. We will examine important contextual influences such as home and host-country location (dis)advantages, and discuss how institutional and cultural differences can influence business activities. Participants will discuss why and how firms internationalize, as well as strategies for geographically spread organizations. We also focus on the strategic importance of supply chains in global business.

Dynamics in the Asian Business Context (in Shanghai)
This course focuses on the Asian Business context, with a particular emphasis on China’s role and influence in the global competitive landscape. BI has a partnership in Shanghai with Fudan University, where our joint MBA program ranked 39th among the world’s best part-time MBA programs, according to Financial Times. The course mixes lectures from local faculty at Fudan University and BI faculty, with guest lectures and company visits.

Regional Business Contexts: EU and Latin America (in Madrid)
This course exposes the students to new business contexts to learn about regional integration as well as EU and Latin American business trends. The content is taught by leading academics at IE, our partner institution in Madrid. This unique experience of physically visiting our partner institution allows us to tap into local competence on regional trends and connect with businesses operating in and from these regions.

Creating Value through Global Organizations
This course focuses on how firms can create value through their geographically dispersed organizations. We address key questions related to developing long-term competitiveness across borders.
The sessions are interactive, blending cutting-edge research with practical examples. We challenge the boundary conditions of extant knowledge, comparing and contrasting traditional firms with new actors in the competitive landscape.

"When measuring global competitiveness, Norway excels in productivity and performance, making it the ideal context to study globalisation."

Birgitte Grøgaard

Associate Professor

Programme structure

Module 1 08. March - 20. March 2021 Oslo
Module 2 10. June - 26. June 2021 Oslo
Module 3 06. September - 18. September 2021 Oslo
Module 4 22. November - 04. December 2021 Shanghai/
Module 5 21. February - 04. March 2022 Berkeley
Module 6 23. May - 04. June 2022 Oslo

CP presentation Graduation: 27. September - 29. September 2022 (Oslo)

  • Oslo

    BI Norwegian Business School is one of Europe’s largest business schools, and among the less than 1 % of business schools worldwide that have been awarded the triple ‘crown’ accreditation. BI has one of Europe’s largest teams of researchers within economics, business, administration and marketing.

  • Madrid

    Madrid is one of the most vibrant capitals in Europe and the perfect place to learn about European Regulations and Latin America. You will gain a better understanding of the business links between Europe and Latin America. Classes take place at IE Business School, one of Europe’s leading business schools.

  • Shanghai

    Shanghai is a major financial hub in China. The focus for the trip is doing business in Asia. BI Norwegian Business School has been established in Shanghai since 1996 and it was the first foreign-joint master programme to gain recognition from the Chinese Ministry of Education. 

  • Berkeley

    Berkeley is close to the Silicon Valley, the home of many of the world’s largest technology companies, and the ideal place to learn about entrepreneurship and innovation. We will learn about how these companies move from idea to start-up, and why the processes here are so fast. Our classes take place at the renowned Haas Business School, University of California at Berkeley.

"I pursued EMBA to emerge as a professional who can leverage leadership and awareness to elevate my skillsets, career and business to new heights by challenging status-quo."

Fahad Rehman

Fleet Manager, NSB

"I have always liked learning new subjects and skills, and the EMBA is a great opportunity to develop a broad business skills set."

Fredrik Anfinsen

Attorney, Statkraft


Practical information

Programme starts: 8 March 2021

Length of programme: 18 months part-time, divided into six two-weeks modules.

The Executive MBA is an intense programme that requires total commitment from its participants. The admissions committee places particulare emphasis on each applicant`s academic qualifications, motivation, professional experience and maturity.

Application and admission

Applications are accepted on a rolling admission basis, and reviewed by an admission committee. Qualifying applicants are invited for an interview.

Admission requirements 

Read the admission requirements for this programme.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee is NOK 460 000 (divided into three instalments). Study materials are included. The tuition fee does not include travel expenses (flights and accommodation)

As this is a part time programme, you can only apply for a tourist visa. If you are eligible for financial support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, the EMBA is a supported programme. Please see their website for more information. Please note that we are unable to assist you with queries related to the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.


BI offer scholarships for exceptional candidates joining the Executive MBA. Females and employees in non-governmental organizations are encouraged to apply. The scholarship awards 25% of tuition fee and will be deducted from the total tuition fee. Please note that admission decisions will be made prior to decision on the scholarships. Application deadline December 1.