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Why pursue a master's degree at BI?

If you are ambitious and want to pursue a global career in business or just want to have the best possible opportunities, a master’s degree from BI will take you there.

Our Master of Science in Business programme has been ranked among the 100 best master programmes in the world for 12 years consecutively, and our three prestigious accreditations guarantee you the highest academic quality, no matter what programme you should choose. Fewer than 1% of business schools worldwide have achieved triple accreditation, so we are in exclusive company.


BI has a long and proud history of internationalisation, and 20% of our master students are from other countries than Norway. 84% of employed international graduates would recommend BI to others. Please note that you do not need a bachelor from BI to pursue a master's degree here.

Are you still not convinced to go north and earn your degree at BI?

A master's degree can certainly accelerate your career. Master graduates’ annual earnings are on average $10,000 more than those who have a bachelor as their highest degree. However, master degrees do differ in terms of quality and so do graduates’ skills and knowledge. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider a master’s at BI:

Learn to solve real business challenges

Our connection to the business community ensures that our programmes are relevant so that our candidates become assets to their employers from day one. Through solving business cases, attending company presentations and listening to lectures by business practitioners, you will learn to apply your knowledge to real-life business situations.

This practical know-how is in high demand among employers. This is why BI candidates often get priority over those with a more purely theoretical background. In Norway, one out of four leaders are BI graduates, which proves the impact of our education. No matter which of our programmes you choose, you can rest assured that the return on the time invested will come in the form of practical skills that will help you excel in your career.

Build your academic esteem

In addition to practical skills, employers are looking for candidates with strong academic profiles. BI’s standing in the research and business community as a top institution ensures that your diploma is valued wherever you go. Our ability to balance relevant skills with research-based knowledge has set us apart from other business schools worldwide.

BI has one of Europe's most productive academic environments in Finance, Management and Marketing and many of our lecturers are at the forefront of their fields. Through introducing you to leading research and challenging you to think critically, we will help you develop a professional profile that comes with academic esteem and credibility.

Why pursue a master's degree at BI?

Opt for flexibility

Knowledge about Management, Economics and Marketing is highly sought after in the job market, making it easy to change industries and career paths after an entry-level job. Why not choose to have flexibility also when you are studying?

Most of our full-time master programmes allow you to specialise your skills through elective courses, and the MSc in Business programme feature eight different majors. All curriculums are designed to prepare students to succeed in business. This is why BI offers a broad range of exchange possibilities at other top institutions worldwide, internships at attractive employers and opportunities for double degrees and summer school programmes.

Be a part of a global network

More than half of open positions in Norway are never advertised, which is most likely the case in your country as well. To compete for these positions, you have to build your network.

At BI you will get a head start on expanding your professional network through our strong connection to the business community. Once you have graduated, you will have even more networking opportunities to help you thrive in your career. The BI Alumni community boasts more than 80,000 members in 80 countries and hosts numerous global events every year.

Receive a scholarship

Did you earn excellent grades in high school? Committed to supporting and promoting the most qualified academic applicants to its programmes, BI is pleased to offer several generous scholarship opportunities. Read more about our scholarships.

"One of the main reasons that I took BI into account when considering business schools was one of my professor’s recommendation of BI’s academically strong environment. After close consideration, I found out that BI provides the proficiency I hope to gain from my degree."

Malin Emilia Falk

Student, MSc in Strategic Marketing Management

"I was looking for a master's that would make me an attractive job candidate both in Norway and internationally. I chose this programme because I believed it would equip me with the essential tools for my future career in the finance industry."

Edouard Cole

Student, MSc in Finance

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