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Why pursue a master's degree at BI?

A master's degree is demanding, but more and more jobs require education at this level.

There are many good reasons to pursue a master's at BI:

  • Specialise your degree
  • Study at a Triple Crown-accredited school
  • Gain more opportunities in the job market
  • Enjoy a flexible career path
  • Get better jobs with higher salaries
  • Build your network

Specialise your degree

With a master's degree, you are able to focus on the subjects you are interested in. Many of our degrees also allow you to further specialise your skills through elective courses. This provides you with an intellectually stimulating academic life.

Study at a Triple Crown-accredited school

The accreditations BI has earned are proof of our rigorous standards. Less than 1 % of business schools worldwide have achieved triple accreditation, so BI is in exclusive company.

Gain more opportunities in the job market

More and more career listings feature a master's degree as a minimum requirement. Employers recognise the importance of hiring people with strong academic backgrounds. BI works hard to provide our students with the knowledge of how businesses will be managed and marketed in the future, and you will have this knowledge at your fingertips with a master's degree from us.

You will also have the practical skills necessary to make a difference at your workplace. Our master programmes use case work extensively, which helps you apply your knowledge to real-life business situations. This enables you as a master's student to be a contributor at your workplace from day one, making you an attractive job candidate.

9 out of 10 employed international graduates would recommend BI to others

- 2019 Job Market Survey 

Enjoy a flexible career path

Knowledge about management, economics and marketing is in high demand in most businesses. With the insight you gain from your degree at BI, you can easily change your career path after your first job - or move a step up the ladder and become a manager.

You do not need a bachelor from BI to pursue a master's degree here. 

Get better jobs with higher salaries

A master's degree can accelerate your career. Many ambitious bachelor students fall short of their career goals, simply because there are many qualified candidates, and a master's degree is an easy criteria to pick the best candidate. It is also easier for managers to justify promoting someone with a master's degree.

According to a survey from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with a master's degree earn, on average, $10,000 more annually than those who simply have a bachelor's degree.

Build your network

An estimated 60% of all positions are never advertised, according to the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service. To compete for these positions, you have to build your network.

Through guest lecturers, company presentations, and case competitions here at BI, you can get a head start on that process before you even graduate.

Upon graduation, you will then be welcomed into the BI Alumni community. With more than 80 000 members in 80 countries and 100 events annually, BI Alumni membership offers you a wide variety of academic updates and networking opportunities. 

"I was looking for a master's that would make me an attractive job candidate both in Norway and internationally. I chose this programme because I believed it would equip me with the essential tools for my future career in the finance industry. "

Edouard Cole, Norway

MSc in Finance

"One of the main reasons that I took BI into account when considering business schools was one of my professor’s recommendation of BI’s academically strong environment. After close consideration, I found out that BI provides the proficiency I hope to gain from my degree."

Malin Emilia Falk, Sweden

MSc in Strategic Marketing Management

Studies in Norway

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