PhD programme

Why pursue a PhD at BI?

Start your academic journey among researchers at the forefront of their fields.

If you want to reach far, you need to learn from the best. Start your academic journey among researchers at the forefront of their fields. BI Norwegian Business School hosts one of Europe’s most productive academic environments in the areas of business economics, management and marketing. An academic journey is often determined by its starting point. Build your knowledge at a top international school with highly ambitious research departments.

As a PhD candidate at BI, you will benefit from our close collaboration with the business community and get in touch with real world phenomena. You will be part of a forward-thinking and vibrant academic environment and be challenged by other brilliant minds. You also have generous support to go to local and international conferences to present your research to a broader academic community.

Above all, we aim to inspire your passion as a researcher and help you contribute new insight into your field. You will develop your own research while working closely with our internationally renowned faculty. With a PhD from BI, you will be well prepared for a career at top universities and research institutions worldwide.

Who is the right supervisor you can work with in order to succeed afterwards? When you write your research proposal, you already should know with whom you could work.

Why pursue a PhD at BI?

What to expect

The four-year study programme leading to a PhD degree is designed to allow you to conduct in-depth research. In addition, it is comprised by a course component, seminars, PhD committees, pre-doctoral defence, and lastly, dissertation and final defence. 25% of the time is reserved for teaching.

We aim to create the best possible environment from which to launch your academic journey. Our faculty members will challenge you to reach for the forefront of your field by practicing rigour and relevance, and help you on your path to publish your research in a top-tier journal. You will also receive financial support for four years as a temporary employee at BI.

You will learn to set priorities and focus on the most promising projects. As a PhD student at BI you will have a lot of flexibility, but also responsibility. You will have to worry about how to get data, interviews and meet deadlines. Self-management is of essence in order to be successful. You must be motivated to push further, accepting that results only come in the long term.


BI's PhD programme features six areas of specialisation. Explore the following options to learn more.


A PhD from BI can be a gateway to prestigious placements at universities around the world. Below you can read more and find examples of positions obtained by recent graduates of BI's PhD programme.

PhD placements