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Centre for Sustainability and Energy

BI Center for Sustainability and Energy promotes sustainable development through research, teaching and active cooperation with other academic institutions, the business community, governmental bodies and NGOs.


Centre for Sustainability and Energy is actively contributing to the BI's teaching on master degree levels in such thematic areas as Corporate Social Responsibility, Climate Challenges, Renewable Energy, Applied Business Ethics.

Executive Master of Management in Energy
Shape your future with a master’s degree designed to develop your comprehensive understanding of key energy issues.

Executive Master of Management programme – Green Growth as Competitive Advantage
This programme will give you the necessary competencies and skills to move from rhetorics about green economics into informed practice in Nordic organisations. This programme is taught in Norwegian.

Executive Master kurs – Bærekraft i praksis
I dette programmet vil du lære å utvikle strategier for utvikling og implementering av bærekraft på en måte som ivaretar både miljø og økonomi.