Department of Finance

The Department of Finance has a strong international orientation, with faculty from leading schools in finance and economics. Our research is published in top journals and covers all areas of finance.

The department currently has about twenty faculty members. The department recruits faculty internationally from some of the world’s best schools (University of Chicago, University of Southern California, Berkeley, UCLA, Brown University, among others). Based on the number of publications in top-tier academic finance journals, the department was ranked in the top five in Europe and number 78 in the world (University of Dallas UTD ranking, 1996-2007).

Faculty publish their research regularly in the top journals of finance as well as in top field journals, such as the Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, Journal Financial Economics, and Journal of Political Economy. Faculty actively participates in international scientific conferences and invited seminars at universities around the world.

The department runs an active research seminar series where academics from the worlds’ top schools are invited each week to present their research giving faculty and PhD candidates an opportunity to discuss their ideas and current research with speakers and visitors.

Research data bases

The Department has developed three data bases that can be used for research purposes by BI faculty and students.

  1. The CCGR data set contains accounting statements and corporate governance data for all Norwegian firms with limited limited (AS and ASA firms) over the period 1994-2009. More on CCGR data extraction here.
  2. The VPS data base holds detailed ownership structure data for all Norwegian ASA firms (i.e., all public firms and about 500 large private firms). Yearly data from 1989 to 1992, and monthly data from 1993 to 2007. 
  3. The OBI data base, which covers public ASA firms, has daily stock price data for the period 1980-2007.

Faculty background and interest

Janis Berzins  PhD Indiana University Portfolio Management (Institutional Managed Portfolios, Mutual Funds), Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance
Geir Bjønnes PhD BI Norwegian Business School Market microstructure, fixed income, international finance
Øyvind Bøhren PhD NHH Corporate finance, corporate governance, and the philosophy of science
Ilan Cooper PhD University of Chicago Asset pricing, real investment under uncertainty
Paul Ehling PhD HEC University of Lausanne and FAME Asset pricing, international finance, corporate risk management, portfolio choice
Bruno Gerard PhD University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Empirical asset pricing, portfolio management
Alessandro Graniero PhD London Business School Asset Pricing Theory, Learning, Heterogeneous Beliefs, Macroeconomics.
Espen Henriksen PhD Carnegie Mellon University Asset pricing, international economics, DSGE
Kjell Jørgensen PhD BI Norwegian Business School  Microstructure 
Samuli Knüpfer PhD Helsinki School of Economics Household finance, behavioral finance, corporate finance
Pål Korsvold PhD Indiana University Capital market efficiency, foreign exchange management
Salvatore Miglietta PhD University of Southern California Employee and executive compensation, corporate finance
Øyvind Norli PhD NHH Security offerings, investment behavior, corporate finance
Charlotte Østergaard PhD Brown University Banking and credit markets, corporate governance, corporate finance, consumption
Richard Priestley PhD Brunel University Asset pricing, international finance, predictability
Dagfinn Rime PhD BI Norwegian Business School International finance, microstructure, asset pricing
Knut Sagmo PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison International finance, corporate finance
Bogdan Stacescu PhD University of Zurich Corporate finance and banking
Siv Jønland Staubo PhD BI Norwegian Business School Corporate finance 
Costas Xiouros PhD University of Southern California Theoretical Asset Pricing, General Equilirbium, Computational Methods
Chunyu (Ben) Yang PhD University of Texas Asset pricing, portfolio choice, derivative pricing, financial risk management