Department of Finance

The Department of Finance has a strong international orientation, with faculty from leading schools in finance and economics. Our research is published in top journals and covers all areas of finance.

Seminar Series

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Date Time Speaker Affiliation
 March 23 11.00-12.15 Ishita Sen Harvard
 April 6 11.00-12.15 Zhi Da Notre Dame
 April 13 11.00-12.15 EASTER WEEK  
 April 20 11.00-12.15 Juhani Linnainmaa Darthmouth
 April 27 11.00-12.15 Lukas Kremens University of Washington
 May 4 11.00-12.15 Martin Andresen Statsistics Norway
 May 11 11.00-12.15 Erwan Morellec EPFL
 May 25 11.00-12.15 Ingrid Werner OSU
 June 1 11.00-12.15 Pierre Mabille INSEAD
 June 8 11.00-12.15 Brett Green Wash U. St. Louis
 June 15 11.00-12.15 Xiaoji Lin Minnesota